Jacqui Malpass

Writer & Book coach

My mission is to inspire you to write and publish an amazing  book which makes a difference to your world.

Your story can be happy or sad, born of tragedy or joy, about business or life, inspired by revolution or evolution. What is important is that you know that your voice needs to be heard and you are willing to make the time investment to write.

Oscar Wilde famously said 'be yourself, everyone else is taken.'

The only way to leave your legacy is to create a life, business or career that truly speaks from your heart about your core values, passion and purpose.

And to write the right book for you.

My role is to show you how to...

  • ​Find your what and why, so that others can connect to your BIG why
  • Create a legacy by leveraging your unique story
  • Write the right book for you, right now

Coaching you to find your voice

Here's where I come in. I’m Jacqui Malpass, writer and book coach.  I work with committed, passionate people (entrepreneurs, coach, consultant, trainer, business owners and authors) who want to make a difference. You want to share your inspirational message and personal story and 'change' your world - even in some small way.

My purpose is empower and support you to change the world with your book. 

Together, we will custom design a simple, effective strategy that is based on your core values, passion, purpose and vision. Between us we will have fun discovering your unique voice and enabling you to share your inspirational message in your book in the best way for you.

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