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Jacqui Malpass

Book Coach, Personal Brand Strategist, Writer, Author

Discover and share your inspirational message – write and publish your book

Write your book

Do you have an inspirational message you want (and just have) to share?

Become a published author, showcasing your knowledge, skills and experience is an amazing way to build your reputation, credibility and personal brand.

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I adore working with inspirational people with strong messages. I am passionate about helping you to find your voice with a book which will help to build your personal brand.

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Step it up & Step it out

Jacqui MalpassStep it up – Step it out 1-2-1 book coaching

Writing Retreat in Spain

Academy for Authors live training programme

Become a published author and rock your brand – today!

Plan your non fiction book in a weekend

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Start with ‘How to plan your non fiction book in a weekend’

All good books start with a plan. This book takes you from no idea, through outlining, creating a chapter framework, to being ready to write to first draft (and a bit more)

Kick start your book, with this book – paperback or kindle

non_fiction_weekend_pngIf you have already bought the book, you can sign up to download your worksheets here

Take the course on Udemy

Take ‘Plan your non fiction book in a weekend’ on Udemy

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend - $10 Limited Special Offer!

Hours of video content and worksheets. Click to take the course and get your website special price

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Write your next book in Spain

  • immerse yourself in your writing for 4 or more days
  • get from no idea to (almost) first draft with expert guidance
  • create your end to end non-fiction book plan

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