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Personal branding strategy
Personal branding strategy
Write your book
Write your book
Turn your book into a course
Turn your book into a course
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Create a personal brand strategy, write and publish your book and online course.

I adore working with inspirational people with strong messages. I am passionate about helping you to find your voice with a book & a course which will help to build your personal brand.

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Share your inspirational message

Become a published author (Book & Course) by showcasing your knowledge, skills and experience.

Build your reputation, credibility and rock your personal brand.

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write your book

Book Coaching

Write and publish your bestselling book.

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Personal Branding Strategy

Design and develop an author / entrepreneur personal branding strategy.

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Course Creation Coaching

Turn your book into an online course - coaching and mentoring.

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Writing Retreats

Kick-start your non-fiction book with a retreat.

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10 weeks to your book program

Join a group of authors and work as a team to turn your book idea (or no idea) into a published book.

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120 day program

Retreat | 10 week program | Online course | Virtual book tour

Rock your personal brand with a book and course

Plan your non fiction book in a weekend

Read the book

Start with ‘How to plan your non fiction book in a weekend’

All good books start with a plan. This book takes you from no idea, through outlining, creating a chapter framework, to being ready to write to first draft (and a bit more).

Take the course

Take Plan your non fiction book in a weekend on Udemy.

Follow the course step by step with the book.

Get your ONE idea, outline your book, create your chapter structure and be ready to write to first draft.

Profit from your knowledge

Profit from your knowledge - turn your book into a course

  • Turn your book into a course and create additional value and revenue from your knowledge
  • Build a sales funnel and make money

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What others are saying...

Dr Bridget

Jacqui supported me to write a book for the I am Woman challenge. I’d never done anything like this before and it turned out to be very easy with the support of Jacqui. She has also given me advise on how to publish the book in hard copy and it has significantly raised my profile and my position as a mindset coach and consultant for people in business. I know a lot of people who are planning to contact Jacqui to raise their profile by writing a book and I’d encourage people to just do it as you will be well supported and it seems easy as a result.

Diana Barden

Working with Jacqui as our book coach, editor and publisher for The F-Factor was a really positive experience. Jacqui’s confidence that she would be able to help us to produce a coherent book, despite there being 9 authors, and her upbeat, positive and very authentic manner gave us that confidence too. I particularly liked the fact that Jacqui stayed in touch constantly throughout the process and kept us on track even when our own morale dipped at times. The book as well as the whole writing experience, has been a great success, and we have a lot to thank Jacqui for!

Write your book in Spain

Writers retreat
Writing in the rambla
Jane Hafren

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui Malpass as a book coach but also as the host for her fantastic retreat.
There is so much more to the process of writing your book that you very likely know nothing about right now, but Jacqui does and she'll guide you through. Go for it, you know you want to...

Jane Hafren The Walk of life coach

"Late last year I attended Jacqui Malpass' Book Writer's retreat in Spain.
I have wanted to write a book for so long, but I didn't know where to start. I decided to take the plunge and attend Jacqui's retreat and it was a great decision. the accommodation was great as was the welcome we got there. The group size was manageable - there were just 5 of us. Jacqui's knowledge of the process of getting your book written AND into print were/are astronomical. On the retreat Jacqui shows you how to get the content of your book out of you head into some manageable chunks (chapters) and processes for assessing what needs to go into each chapter once you have the structure. She teaches you loads about what to do to get the writing into publishable format and practices top ensure you get it done. Being away from your normal life to start this process is a really good idea if you're a busy person and her location in Spain is ideal. Few distractions, other than great food and great people, lovely places to walk and reflect on your writing - in short - headspace.