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Jacqui Malpass - Alchemist

Healing, growing as a person, finding your voice and inspirational story and turning that into a book, is one of the most powerful and transformational things you can do.

I can walk with you on your eve-olutionary journey and support you as you heal, grow and write your 'personal story' book.

In a very short space of time, you will know which is the right book to write, right now

The next chapter of your life starts here... Make this the year that you find the time to create a spiritually, healthy, wealthy life and write your book

If you are someone who is at the start or on their healing journey and has a powerful story to tell (or anyone with a desire to write a non-fiction book based on their personal story) then you have come to the best place to heal, grow and discover the book that is hidden inside of you.

Jacqui Malpass

Work with me 1-2-1

Allow me support you through the process of healing (nutritionally and spiritually) finding your voice, to writing your book about your journey.

inspired to write

Work with me on retreat

Take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, review your healing and nutritional  goals and get your book planned and loads written.

Jacqui supported me to write. I'd never done anything like this before and it turned out to be very easy with her support. This has significantly raised my profile and my position as a mindset coach and consultant for people in business. I'd encourage people to contact her and you will be well supported and it seems easy as a result.

Dr Bridget

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plan your non-fiction book in a weekend

Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend

Go from no idea to first draft with this comprehensive online course.

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Turn your book into a course

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Blog your book in 30 days

Blog your book in 30 days

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Jane Hafren

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui Malpass as a book coach but also as the host for her fantastic retreat.
There is so much more to the process of writing your book that you very likely know nothing about right now, but Jacqui does and she'll guide you through.

Go for it, you know you want to..

My mission is to inspire you to change your lifestyle, discover your inspirational message and to help you to shape that into a book that will change your life and that of your readers

My role as eve-olutionist, alchemist and book writing coach is to support you to:

  • ​Change your lifestyle so that you nourish your mind, body, soul and spirit
  • Heal and grow nutritionally and spiritually
  • Find your writing voice and inspirational message 
  • Create a compelling vision for your book(s)
  • Create a legacy by leveraging your unique story, knowledge, skills and experience
  • Write the right book for you, right now - become a published author
  • Work as your developmental editor and book collaborator
Book coaching

You have a story and voice that needs to be heard

Oscar Wilde famously said 'be yourself, everyone else is taken.'

Leave your legacy with a book (or a series of books) that truly speaks from your heart about your core values, passion and purpose.

You have come to this world to share your message and to change your life and the lives of others.

You have a story that is bursting to escape. Your story can be happy or sad, born of tragedy or joy, about business or life, inspired by revolution or evolution.

What is important is that you know that your voice needs to be heard and you are willing to make the time investment to change your life and share your inspirational message - in a form that resonates with you and your energy vibration.

Read all about it!

Supporting you to find your voice and share your inspirational message

Sandra Peachey

Working with Jacqui is a pleasure on both the professional and personal sense. I worked with her on my 2nd book and she made creating it, with my team of co-authors, an easy and creative process, which took us all, step by step, to publishing a very special book - The F-Factor. I can highly recommend her special brand of expertise and support.

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