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All good books start with a plan. Go from no idea (or lots of ideas) to choosing the right book for right now. Get it planned, outlined and be on your way to first draft and becoming a published author.

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The Conscious Womans Guide to Leaving her Husband

Go from no idea or lots of ideas to the right book, right now

The first step is to know which is the right book. 

The right book will be easier to write, making it simple and stress free.

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Know how to plan a non-fiction book from idea to publication

All good books start with a plan. Understand your personal brand, find your ideal reader, create your outline, chapter framework, discover your content, and much much more...

Create a outline and chapter framework which flows

Chunking your book down to a tight and flowing outline and chapter framework is the next step to getting this book written.

Write to first draft

Once you have your plan, know your reader, have a vision, strategy, outline, chapter framework and know which content - all you have to do is write to first draft.

Is this the year that you will become a published author?

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Do you want to write a book? - Deborah Wojciki

If you want to write a book but aren't sure how to make it happen, then this course will help you. Starting with proper planning, this course shows what to expect when writing your book, including tips on how long it will take to pull everything together. I've put much of what I learned into practice in writing my own book. Thanks Jacqui!

Extremely Comprehensive - Mary Cummings

I've taken away so many pointers from this course. It's very comprehensive and has helped me to break down the task of (at long last) writing my book. I already have quite a lot of content, but ran out of steam before completing it. I love the tips on how you can come up with more material (I'm not giving anything away here though).

Thanks for such a comprehensive course.

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  • Know how to plan a non-fiction book from idea to publication
  • Go from no idea or lots of ideas to the right book, right now
  • Understand your book why and how to use it to build your personal brand
  • Develop a brilliant outline structure, which flows
  • Have a chapter structure that makes writing each chapter simple and stress free
  • Be ready to write to first draft
Plan your non fiction book in a weekend
All good books start with a plan. If you want to write a book - plan it first!

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All good books start with an idea and come to fruition with a plan.

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