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My style is intuitive structured, I made that up, but it describes me, I love tools, process, structure and I adore creativity, post it notes, coloured pens, building rapport and listening carefully to you, to find out what’s really going on.  I call it getting to the heart of the book.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Book planning and discovery[/text_bar_2]

We meet for a half day or a one day, one on one book planning workshop, this can also be delivered over Skype.

This is where I find out about you and what you want to say, or think you want to say. We take that and turn it into a reality.

You will create yourself a working title, or in the case of some, many titles.  An outline for each chapter and how they flow into each other, if indeed they do, key themes etc.

We will look at what the format of each chapter is, so that it’s easier for you to write around.

At the end of the day you have your book outline and a writing plan.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Follow on coaching and mentoring[/text_bar_2]

When you have finished the proposal and first chapter in a rough format, we will review what you have done, see what comes up for you and where you want to go next.  At this point you may want a refocus session (half or full day one on one workshop / meeting)

Coaching/mentoring can be face to face or over Skype and when you are ready for it.  Each session lasts approx. one hour.

If you decide to change direction, you will know after you have started to write, because as you write and reflect your subconscious comes alive and intuitively guides you.  It is part of the experience and process of writing a book.

At this stage you are writing and editing.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Publishing[/text_bar_2]

Depending upon where you want to take your book we look at various publishing and printing options, which cover different budgets.

  • Proof readers and editors
  • Formatting and layout
  • Cover design
  • Setting up Kindle and CreateSpace accounts
  • Uploading

We can put you in touch with a London based professional self publishing house, who will guide you through your publishing and book marketing options.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Book Marketing and promotion[/text_bar_2]

Regardless of whether you self publish or not, you will have to think about and very probably undertake some or all of your marketing.  Here’s just some of the things to think about.

  • Personal branding plan – this will enable you to work out what you and your brand is all about and what steps you need to take to build a brand you are proud of.
  • Domain name – e.g.
  • Email – your
  • Get a website / blog – on here you can talk about you, your work and your expertise
  • Business cards, postcards, banner, book marks
  • Video – trailer for the book and about you
  • Social media – twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Book reviews
  • Book signings
  • Virtual book tours
  • Speaking engagements
  • PR

It is important that you start to think about your marketing plan before your non fiction book is finished.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Can’t write, wont write[/text_bar_2]

What, I hear you cry, if I can’t write, wont write.  There are options for you too.  There is an amazing product called Dragon Naturally Speaking which will convert your spoken words into text – it’s fab. I also have access to copy typists who will type up your work in the format provided from audio or hand written notes.

After which we can get the book laid out in the format you want, proofread, edited, published etc.

I also offer a ghost writing / co-authoring service.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Already writing, but on creativity stop[/text_bar_2]

It happens.  The one on one book planning and discovery session can be adapted to re-ignite your non fiction book writing.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Doubts, limiting self beliefs, obstacles[/text_bar_2]

When you see obstacles, part of my job is to help you to find a way around them.  I am a professionally trained coach (ILM) and NLP practitioner, you are in safe hands.

And no, you don’t have to publish for anyone other than yourself or your family.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Skeletons in the closet[/text_bar_2]

We all have them.  Your secrets are safe with me as a professional coach I am required to keep client confidentiality.  I will also sign a non disclosure agreement.

Have you ever wanted to write a book, but didn’t know where to start? Start here

PS: I believe in dealing with experts in their field and work with fantastic proof readers, editors, designers, publishers, PR and book marketing experts, who offer open and honest packages and pricing.

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