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Blogs from the Word Alchemist

Blogs about writing and publishing non-fiction, marketing and personal branding. The odd musing and story thrown in.

8 things I love about being a writer

It can be frustrating to be a ‘writer’, it seems to me that many people don’t see it as a proper profession. So whilst you are sitting in your office, watching politics play out, having to stick with the 9-5 grind and doing something that doesn’t speak to your heart. This is my light hearted... Read More

Where is your now?

To set the context of your writing and stories, where your now is provides an anchor point The question ‘where is your now?’ may seem odd, and of course it would be, if it were not for the fact that everyone’s now is different. And so it should be… Because everyone’s perception of time is different. Time is not... Read More

What is it about walking?

Back in 2006 I started walking with a friend of mine, it was a little adhoc, probably once a month. We would always choose lovely places to go, stop for a bite to eat and then carry on back to base. By 2008 both of us wanted more. We lived in a fantastically beautiful country,... Read More

Finding the heart of your brand 2

This is the second of our heart series. This exercise is for those that like to cut out pictures and make collages. It is not like the traditional vision board where you put the diamond ring, Porsche and country house, this is based in reality and your ability to understand the concepts of what the... Read More

Finding the heart of your brand

At the centre of your brand is you and your heart. If your heart is not in what you are doing or things don’t seem to be flowing then clearly something is not quite right. The not quite right bit is that YOU are not connected at a heart and soul level to your brand.... Read More

A Freedom of Less – what is your freedom worth?

An inspiring and open interview with Paula Lawes. This interview really resonates with me and the book that has most influenced her seems like a gift at this time for me.  Books have the power to change lives and I hope that you will support Paula. Buy her book to help her support the A21... Read More

Stolen Petals by Pat Malpass

This blog is dedicated to mum and dad. Without their unending love, I would never have made it. They said I was difficult, I know I was a pain in the backside; nevertheless they forgave me my silliness and loved me regardless. Last week I was working with a client on her new book, it... Read More

The Journal – An Touching, Uplifting and Inspiring Read

What inspired you to write this book? I believe that life should be an adventure and this is the most important theme within The Journal. It encourages the reader to live the life they desire especially after heartbreak, personal loss or depression, whatever their age or background. Many of the diary extracts and poetry samples... Read More

Coffee Shop Writing: The Tools You’ll Need

Writing at a cafe is an opportunity to get some work done outside of the home. If you want to go beyond a standard cup of joe, you will need a few bucks. Add a pastry, and you will spend at least a fiver. Most cappuccino cravers consider this a small price to pay for... Read More

Zen and the art of becoming a published author

“The road winds on and on—we stop for rests and lunch, exchange small talk, and settle down to the long ride. The beginning fatigue of afternoon balances the excitement of the first day and we move steadily, not fast, not slow.” Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance Writing a book is a long ride.... Read More

Yesterdays make great books

I hated school, which on reflection was because school was not geared up for people like me, with a relentless thirst for knowledge, presented in an interesting way. Large classes, dull curriculum and herding sheep (or should that be lambs) through the education dip. At least to me, it was boring. I was reflecting this... Read More

Xipe Totec and the rebirth of the authentic author

As the snake sheds its skin, or the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, you the authentic writer will emerge if you connect to your soul purpose and write from the heart. Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. Allen Ginsberg Listening to your heart and letting it speak is connecting to your inner wisdom,... Read More

Love letters to you #lovemelovenotes

This post is dedicated to Natasha Black who is truly beautiful and inspirational. I was nosing though my Facebook friends when I spotted #lovemelovenotes, which she had created. As a writer who believes that writing heals, I was blown away by such a simple, yet powerful way to start your day and to remind you,... Read More

Wait, reflect and sleep your way to a better book

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. ” Pablo Picasso Picasso, born Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad on the 25th October 1881 simplified his name to Pablo Picasso going on to become one of the worlds most famous artists. His... Read More

Voice – putting your voice into your writing

What is voice in writing? If you listen to your voice on a recording it never sounds like you.  What we hear is the sound resonating inside us and the person we are talking to hears a different sound, because it is travelling to them in another way. When we write, we want our written voice... Read More

Urban tales of derring do

We all love a good story. From our early years of bedtime tales, to favourite novels, case studies of how we solved ‘that’ problem and books full of helpful advice.  We make meaning from stories. In connecting to the hero or heroine and their conflicts, we identify with them. Their story becomes our story, and... Read More

Trek to the furthest reaches of your imagination

Inspired yesterday by thoughts of other worlds. Today I want to invite you come on a trek with me. An adventure if you will, one that sees you using your imagination to create a reality that you love. Many people have incredible imaginations, yet fail to acknowledge that they do. Whenever I run workshops, be... Read More

Spaceship of my mind

After an evening of talking all things esoteric with a new writers group, I came home full of intention to write a blog about soul purpose and inspirational message. Yet my mind and fingers took off in an altogether different direction, potentially another dimension. And I will admit to being very tired. However, a challenge... Read More
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