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Blogs from the Word Alchemist

Blogs about personal branding and book coaching with the odd musing and story thrown in.

When do I need a proofreader?

They are your last eyes Final  proofreading your book is a job for a professional. As hard as I try to edit and proof my books, I simply miss the nuances of perfect grammar. So many people think that because they can write they can edit. Yes you can to a certain degree, but you... Read More

Is this the year that you write and publish your book?

Is this the year that you finally write and publish your book? Ok I am being a little silly as there is not long to Christmas and you are already probably ‘stressed’ enough thinking about getting all kinds of things finished. However, Christmas, like all holidays is a time for reflection. Look back at everything... Read More

Change and your vision quest walk

Change happens by chance, by accident or by design, either way you must embrace it, to have any chance to stay in the game. You will have heard people saying that the only certainties in this life are death and taxes? Metal rusts, the seasons change, the moon waxes and wanes, we shed our skin,... Read More

Setting your hearts goals

A different way to set your goals – connecting to your hearts goals No matter what you are trying to achieve, getting to the real heart of what you want is critical (I believe) to your success. This exercise is a different way to look at SMART goals. Have a go and see where it... Read More

Conversations with my father and putting pen to paper

My coach asked me once again, to discuss my family. We are exploring my relationships (mostly with men, but also certain women) and why I choose badly. The journey has been a fascinating one. As a coach myself I can always see what is going on for my clients, so it is a treat to... Read More

Exploring your values before you write your book

Yesterday I talked about creating a values wall and then spending a week observing yourself, noticing what you notice. No sooner had I posted that blog when a friend called around for a cuppa. One thing led to another and we went for a ‘short’ walk. The walk ended up with us at the top... Read More

Creating your values wall

Your values are the foundation of who you are. You live your life by them and if you stick to them, then life should become just a tad easier. I don’t remember being shown how to find my values in school or how to connect to them, so that I could make the right career... Read More

Tips to help you become a better writer #1

The first in a series of tips to help you become a better writer Have a read, pick one at a time and try it out. I believe that as writers we have to find ways that work for us. Until you try a tip you wont know if it will work. Keep an open... Read More

Writing to Heal. Use your words to change your life

What inspired you to write your first book? I was working for an IT company and had set up my own company called Real Life Solutions and I was selling sperm count tests and ovulation tests.  What I discovered was that people kept asking the same questions about their health and well being and how... Read More

How to become a writer

Have you ever wondered how to become a writer? Let me share a secret, it is rather easy, you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write. Ok I am being facetious. Writing is a profession like teaching, or plumbing. You learn a trade and then you get out there, show it off,... Read More

How to publish a book, what to know before you start

My first question to you is ‘why do you want to write a book?’ In knowing where you are heading with your book journey, you will know what publishing options to consider. Why do you want to write a book? When you have clarity, you can define where you are heading with your writing. In... Read More

Book ideas for writers – what book

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung Help! How do I bring vision, reader, content and strategy together and write the right book? One of the questions I am often asked is which book should I write.  Unless we... Read More

I have an idea for a book – what next?

Writing gives birth to ideas, innovations, opens new decision pathways, enables us to tell our stories and connect to our readers (prospects and customers) in a way that goes beyond the boxes of flyers and brochures you have, holding the office door open. By organising your thoughts into a book, you can now examine what... Read More

Non fiction writing and your brand

Branding is not just for big companies. You are your personal brand and to stand out you need something just a tad different. A book will help you build personal brand success, however, it isn’t just about the book. Your book is part of your overall inspirational message and marketing tool kit. Don’t do it... Read More

Writing a book. Simple editing tips

First drafts are, usually, rubbish; the words were after all a download. We write every day, blogs, emails, Twitter and Facebook, and how many people read what they have written before pressing send? Writing is a skill that we get better at, because we pause, reflect and edit before pressing the button. Editing your book... Read More

Follow your arrow

Last week I ran a writers retreat and what a joy the attendees were. One evening we shared our YouTube favourites whilst supping a few wines. It was one of those indescribable evenings that got sillier and sillier. Then the fabulous Jane Hafren the Walk of Life coach shared this song, to which I am... Read More

How to write a book outline for your nonfiction book

The outline for your nonfiction book is perhaps the most important part of the pre writing process. Why? Because you are making it easy for you to write your book. It really is as simple as that. Plans are nothing; planning is everything. – Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) Thirty-fourth President of the USA Planning unlocks the... Read More

Write a non-fiction book your way

Plan, plan, plan The key to getting your book started (and finished) starts with a good plan. By creating a comprehensive and workable plan, the rest, as they say, will follow. By planning, it makes writing your book easier With a plan, you are more likely to publish your book Planning will help you stay... Read More

Writing a book online and blending it with other approaches

One of the challenges I come across in my book coaching business is how to provide different ways to deliver my content. One way is providing a blended solution, which allows you the writer to take a bit from everything on offer and use it to your best advantage. I wonder how often you have... Read More

Publish your own book. How will you publish?

So many people want to publish their own book, but are confused with the choices available. How to publish your own book is an important question—one that often results in confusion for the poor self-published author. Mostly it comes down to not knowing how and what it will cost. There are many routes and many... Read More
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