Books for business mastermind group

Ignite your business with a book – books for business mastermind group

Join this exciting programme and work with two expert authors – Jacqui Malpass and Cathy Presland and get support, practical advice and insider secrets to getting your book written, published and marketed.

The books for business mastermind is a special members’ group we have set up to provide ongoing  support and motivation to people who want to attract more clients, build their personal and business brand and build a successful business with a book.

We will provide you with all the expertise, answers, inspiration and discipline you need to help you create a quality, focused book for your business, at a cost that every business can afford.

The book (or books) you write for your business will help, guide and inspire others.  As you write and go through the process, you too will come to learn more about yourself and your gifts.

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Here’s what you get when you join

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  • Monthly Masterclass (six) meetings providing support, ideas and techniques that you need to know right now to move your book in the right direction.  This is where the magic happens and it’s in these sessions that your motivation is ignited.
  • Book kickstart training day.  Getting your book off to a great start is critical.  You will walk away with your book idea and a plan to get you started.
  • Online support group. In between calls, you’ll be able to connect and network with us and other members via our online Books for Business Mastermind group.
  • Network of likeminded people. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you. You’ll get support, encouragement from the other members of the group and who knows what joint venture opportunities may open up for you?
  • Monthly call with Jacqui or Cathy to help keep you on track and to help with any individual needs and questions.
  • Unlimited email support.  You are never alone.
  • Two emergency – HELP ME – calls.  Sometimes we just need to pick up the phone and scream, cry and speak to someone who knows what it’s like to be a writer.
  • Monthly step by step action plan.
  • Access to cost effective specialised book services including, cover design, editing, transcript services (you don’t even have to write it yourself), printing, specialised book marketing and much more.  We have negotiated great deals on your behalf.

Not only will you go through a personal transformation as you become a writer, you will gain all the business benefits from demonstrating your skills, expertise and knowledge.  Your personal and business brand will grow.

As a published author you will be viewed in a different light and your sense of purpose cemented.  As the subject matter expert, you will become the go to person for insights from the press and others.

Books for business will open up new connections.

Books for business application

Please email or call 07862 260095 for your books for business mastermind pack.

Places are limited to six people for each mastermind group.

Who is the Books for Business mastermind group for?

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  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs and leadership teams who want to raise their personal brand, credibility, influence change and grow their business
  • Senior managers who want to influence change in their business
  • Businesses and organisations who want to use their knowledge and insight as a strategic asset

Using your knowledge & insights as a strategic asset

How you got to where you are today, probably came with some tough decisions and some equally valuable lessons. If you were able to identify your most critical challenges and how you overcame them, what lessons could you pass onto others so that they could learn from you? So let me ask you….

Why do you want to write a book?

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  • Build your brand
  • Share knowledge and insights
  • Add an extra string to your bow
  • Open more doors
  • Build partnerships
  • Start conversations with others
  • Just because you can

Think writing a book is too much? Consider this.

You could start your own blog around your niche. If each blog was 500 words and you wrote 1 blog a week for 40 weeks, that would be 20,000 words towards your book. Just think what a bit more writing could give you.

The world is cluttered with information, we need good quality knowledge  by people who have been there and done it.

Start planning for your book success, become the CEO of your book writing today. Get what is inside your head out and share your ‘know how’.

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  • You can connect the dots for others.
  • You can share your passion and wisdom.

What do I need to invest?

Prices are on application and are for per month per person.

Only book this mastermind if you are serious about getting off your backside and being committed to writing your book.

Please email or call 07862 260095 for your books for business mastermind pack.

Places are limited and are by application only.  Please email us to go onto our waiting list.

Rock your brand with a book

Take this mini course and kick start your book project