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Writing a book - Book planning, mindset, procrastination and divine order

Book planning, mindset, procrastination and divine order

What happens when your book planning (or any planning) does not go to plan? You need to get your mindset in order, tell procrastination to do one and get things into divine order. Is it as simple as that?

Recently I have been sharing my book writing journey. I felt that one of the best ways to keep me accountable was come on to Facebook live and to share what I was doing. In addition, I have been recording my journey in a diary so that I can see exactly what I do. Although I have a proven process which I adapt for my clients, it has been some time since I last outline a book and worked through it myself. My way of working is intuitive. That is I know the process and what works and I also follow my intuition and do other things as called. Makes sense right?

This is day four of Writing for the Soul and my book planning journey

The day before I gave myself permission to take some time out. It had been a long day and I had to admit that evenings were not my most productive. The following day was not so easy either. You often find that once you take your foot off the pedal that you lose motivation unless there is someone with a boot up your a**. That is when your mindset can get in the way.

Book planning and mindset

It is way too easy to let the mindset gremlins attach themselves to your neural pathways and take you for a ride. This way to self-worth hell, come with me friend they cry. No-one will read your book the goblin of distraction calls. On and on they go. At times like this, I let them play out because it is only natural for this stuff to come into our heads. What is important is that you allow your feelings to flow, write about what comes up and then make a choice about what you will do about it. Read this article on why your monkey is the key to why your book plan has slipped.

Ok, this may be easier said than done. However, I have learned that the best way through this is to do it anyway. Even as fear bites at me, to just do it. Is it easy? No, but I know it is temporary and it is human to feel this way. And humans feel. Just know that wobbles are normal and you are normal and that you are stronger than this.

Other things

One of the best things that I find with my book planning or any other activities is to do other things. Spontaneity is often the key to creativity. For example, I like to get out for a walk so that I can breathe in Mother Nature and have time to think or allow whatever needs to surface to come up. On this day I made a cake so that I would have something to come home to and headed out. Do something else and enjoy what comes up in the space that you have allowed.


It is all about making good choices. You can give in, give up or you can gather yourself up and carry on. I chose to write a book and I chose to share the journey and I choose to get over myself.

The mind gremlins are learned behaviour as a result of things that have happened in my life. Rationally I know this, emotionally it is a lot harder, however, like you I have been on an adventure of self-exploration for a long time and have developed tactics to support my behaviour and ultimately my choices. Ask what choice gives me the best outcome?

Early doors

Like this morning I am up early, I can hear strange noises outside as the nocturnal animals do whatever they do before slipping into their nests and dens for the day. This is the best time for me. Getting up early, asking what would I like to do today to achieve my goals works. I love to write and plan first thing. Today I am on the sofa, the clocking is ticking and apart from the odd noises outside, there is nothing. Try getting up early to write, you will be pleased that you did.

Right space

Finding the right space to do anything, especially book planning and writing is vital to progress. Today as I have said, I am in the downstairs lounge on my favourite writing sofa. You would laugh I have a few places that I like to write in and woe betides any doggies who steal my space. Having space and being in the right space I believe is important to creativity of any kind. On this day I went onto the terrace to mind map, supported by Angel. Never be hemmed in by I must do something in this space, explore and find the right space for right now.

my book planning space


Have you noticed that when you get uptight that your breathing alters? Stop for a moment and follow your breath? Can you feel tightness anywhere? When I feel that something is stuck, I stop and allow myself some breathing time. The Sleep Guru has some fab resources for breathing.

Do it

I am a just do it person. It doesn’t always work for everyone and I understand that, however, this is another choice. I often find though that if I make myself start I actually enjoy what I am doing.

Was it procrastination?

I think that sometimes your head can stand in the way and you can call putting things off procrastination, however, examine what is going on for you and do something, anything to get you moving, even if it is not on your book. I believe that there is always a reason for what we do and that everything is working to divine order.

Divine order

However, things come about they come in the right way and at the right time. As long as this is the right project which speaks to your heart and soul and you have a date for completion, how you get it done is how you get it done. Plus reflection time will squeeze some creative juice out for you to use in your project.

Remember to congratulation yourself, your book planning is going to plan, everything is in divine order.

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