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How to bring juice to your writing – 3 easy steps
Imagine the scene, you get up an hour earlier because you are committed to writing the next chapter of your[...]
The role of writing in weight loss and better health
It’s that time of year when new diets are launched, and people are committing to their weight loss plans. I[...]
Organ time – the flow of now
When 'stuff' is happening to me, I watch where my energy is, where it seems to ebb and flow and[...]
Five element personality, what type are you?
If you are anything like me, you love personality tests. Over the years, I have done many, some for jobs,[...]
Luscious linseed tea and staying hydrated
Staying hydrated with luscious linseed tea is a great addition to anyone's healthy daily routine. The problem is that often[...]
How to drink water consciously and stay hydrated
When thinking about your health, water plays an essential role. It is vital that you drink water consciously and stay[...]
Gluten free banana bread
This gluten free banana bread is super easy to make and can be amended to suit your diet. So if[...]
Your food as a weapon of mass destruction?
As you sit down to your toast and jam, Weetabix, milk and honey, fry up or healthy homemade muesli with[...]
Which is your most stressed organ?
Just as you might express outward emotions when stressed, your innards also get a bit of a battering. Given what[...]
Introduction to chakra wounds – throat chakra
Chakra wounds are the invisible wounds that are either created in this life or carried through from previous lives. There[...]
What does your body want you to know – five element theory #1
During the time that I studied crystal therapy and naturopathic nutrition, I was introduced to five element theory. In both[...]
What your body wants you to know – working with your doctor
Deep inside, I believe that I must have had a mistrust of doctors. At this moment, I do not know why[...]
What does your body want you to know – your chakras
The chakras are energy points in your body, in and out of which energy flows. In Sanskrit chakra means wheel[...]
What does your body want you to know – part #1 (infographic)
In the blog what does your body want you to know part one, I referenced a method for discovering how[...]
What does your body want you to know? Part #1
Have you ever asked your body what it wants you to know? The chances are that you haven’t and probably[...]
To diet or to not diet?
Despite the craze over the last twenty or so years to greatly reduce or eliminate whole food groups from our[...]
H2 Oh! Water and its role in well-being and weight loss
I'm not sure what the constant debate about drinking water is all about. It's vital, important stuff that we need[...]
Gluten free chocolate gingerbread
Since going gluten free, I wanted to find an easy way to make bread or to find ways to make[...]
Oats, so simple
Oats are so versatile.  I was somewhat amazed to discover that oats are both good for sleep and for providing[...]
Foods to help you sleep
Trying to make sense of foods to help you sleep I don’t know about you, but I often find the[...]

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