From chaos to profitability

Jacqui speaks with passion about her love of sales and marketing processes and how organisations can develop great sales pipelines by removing wasteful activities, engaging their people, being creative and innovative in their approach.

Her talks are filled with humour as she takes you through her sales & marketing  ‘process’ journey.

The power of words to change lives

Jacqui loves the way that written words offer so many solutions.  Her talks are engaging and fun and show how to get started on writing, whether for personal or professional reasons and how to find what it is you really want to write about.

Jacqui is professional, creative and delivers with energy and enthusiasm.

I believe in bringing fun, passion and energy to all my speaking and seminar engagements – all wrapped up with relevant messages.  Using my diverse life experiences I can call on a vast treasure trove of stories tailored to your audience.

After getting expelled from school, Jacqui did some pretty boring jobs, including one where she stamped full and empty weights on the insides of fire extinguishers. She started working in the tax office in 1979, where she stayed for 5 very long years.  There the bosses enjoyed long boozy lunch breaks and very short work periods.  When she transferred to Port Talbot, Mrs Glover allowed her to go on day release to get her ‘O’ & ‘A’ levels.  That lucky break started her on an exciting career in the then new and exploding IT industry.

On the edge of the PC revolution, she worked in training, support, pre sales and account management.  Somewhere along the line, after putting up with one too many male egos she decided to undertake an MBA.  Suddenly discovering that she was really quite clever, she divorced her husband and set off into new business development and finally into marketing.

She stayed in marketing, although now in electronics manufacturing until a pot of magic money appeared and she was able to add coaching to her portfolio.  She  undertook the ILM level 7 executive coaching certificate and an NLP practitioner diploma.

Re-discovering her love of quirky people has helped immensely when implementing processes & CRM for very stubborn people.

Jacqui is also a writer and creator of Million Stories Project, which has been set up to inspire people to write about their life stories.  She uses the competitions and courses to raise money for non-profit organisations.

To book Jacqui call 07862 260095 or email jacqui@jacquimalpass.com


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