Conscious Personal Branding

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Words have the power to change lifes. Find yourself in your stories and rewrite the next chapters to create your conscious personal brand

What is your personal leadership story?

Some reflections

Are you on the cusp of change and need to make sense of what is happening right now and want to do things a different way?

Has your perspective on your life changed or perhaps you have been through a major life changing event?

Do you need to find an authentic way to share your inspirational message?

Would you like to learn how to create ONE THING that you can turn into MANY THINGS that will make you money?

Conscious Personal Brand

Your conscious personal brand is all about you. Getting connected to your divine inner wisdom and using that to create expansion and transformation in your life.

AND not just that. It's about using your knowledge, skills and experience to create products that work for you and your brand.

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Conscious | Expansion | Transformation

Life can be a bitch can't it?

Many people get to a point, I call it the zero point when it seems that everything that they have ever done feels like it has been a complete waste of time. That is simply not true. 

It is more that you are now being called to have faith, to listen and to follow an invisible thread towards your light - your conscious personal brand

This may sound like you are being asked to find a needle in a haystack and in effect it is. However, you can find the needle if you explore the haystack with care, and faith.

You have masses of knowledge, skills and experience and I bet loads of content that you can repurpose. What you need is a way to create one thing and from that one thing create many other things. These things are the vehicles by which you deliver your brand message. Or as I like to call it - your inspirational message.

Turn what you know into products and services that make you money

Exploring you

Using a unique blend of skills based around writing and creativity we explore you and out of that we work together to get you back to a place where you are ready to fly.

You already have all of the resources that you ever needed, now is the time to emerge from the chyrsallis and be that beautiful butterfly.

What do I do?

My experience as a coach (journaling, writing, books, executive), trainer (personal development and writing), strategist (personal branding and marketing), nutritional healing therapist and as a human who has experienced her fair share of stuff creates a powerful combination of knowledge, skills and experiences with which to support you.

We look at your strategy and we make it simple. Break it down into what you can do now.

No overwhelm, no it can't be done, no starting and not finishing.

This is a collaborative journey and we walk it together.

Every step is an ingredient in your perfect spiritually, healthy, wealthy 'brand' plan.

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Writing for the soul

Writing for the soul, as part of a coaching process, enables you to take a journey into your life, allowing you the space you to write your story and explore. Writing will connect you to your divine inner wisdom and your conscious personal brand.

  • Know who you really are, what got you here, how that impacts your decisions and life and explore the 'real' you (journaling and reflecting)
  • Accept who you are (writing your story)
  • Decide how to live in the now and move forward (rewriting your story)
  • Crafting your conscious personal brand plan
  • Sharing your story (blog or writing a book)

Your journal is the perfect place to start the story of your life. Your story is who you are and all of your experiences. How your story gets told is just as important as the story itself.

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What will your story look like in 5, 10, 15, 20 years if you don't take ownership of it now? By writing your story you have the opportunity to get it out (not necessarily for anyone except you to read) and to change the script.

The process

Writing: Your pen creates an unconscious connection to your soul and divine inner wisdom. You write to explore, to gain insight and create

Expansion: Through writing you create space to be

Transformation: Transformation comes as you reflect and gain insights, but also from the conscious choice to make a decision and take action

Stop being so impressed with what other people are doing and get impressed about yourself. You have a story that the world wants to hear. Go tell it! Stone Evans 

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