Feeling stuck with your book project? Do something, do anything

Feeling stuck with your book project? Do something, do anything

Saturday evening found me in bed early massaging my tummy. Not the usual thing one might do for a wild Saturday night at home. But I was feeling stuck. Not with a book project (more on that later) but with some physical pain.

The pain, to be honest, teetered between I can cope with this and when is this frigging pain going to go (insert many expletives)?

As I lay there, I thought about the last conversation I’d had with my osteopath. We talked about which organ connected where on the spine. She said that most of her patients had stomach problems that radiate out to areas on the back. It was with this in mind that I sprayed my magnesium oil on my tummy and started to explore. I won’t bore you with what I found just to say that I after had a great nights sleep.

Sunday morning arrived as it does after Saturday and I found myself as usual in the rambla with my three dogs. The day was fresh, crisp and new and while I sauntered along breathing in the scents, I heard my dad’s voice in my head ‘swing those arms daughter.’ Picking up the pace as duly instructed I carried on to the next bend. One way led to the top of the world and the other a flat walk following the rambla around.

This pain had stopped me walking up to the top of the world for 18 months. I looked longingly at the steep incline and then thought you know what, I can either stay stuck or I can do something.

That something was walking to the top of the world. What I hadn’t realised was that while I was concentrating on swinging those arms and admiring the spectacular views was that I was no longer in pain. This I only noticed when I arrived home – pumped up and excited.

Following doggie feeding, I then tackled the next part of my book project. My outline was now starting to come alive.

The following day the pain resurfaced, and so I took it easy. On Tuesday I was back at the top and even walked another half an hour along the mountain road. Come with me to the top of the world.

If I hadn’t have taken that first step, in other words, if I hadn’t countered my monkey jabberings with do something, I would still be stuck on that too.

writing inspiration #28 If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude -Maya Angelou

Whatever project you are working on and no matter how stuck you feel, please just do something, one thing, anything and it will move.

If you are stuck with writing, I find putting one word down on a piece of paper and then brainstorming just five other words and then from each of those another five until I run out of steam. These are the words you can then use to inspire your next piece of writing.

So what are you going to do next time you are stuck? Yes, you are going to do something. Let me know how you get on.

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