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Do your eyes glaze over when your marketing consultant or manager says ‘ you must have a blog!’.  You gaze at this alien and wonder what language they are speaking.  Surely people of our age, don’t blog? You cry!

Websites tell one story, demonstrate your expertise, offer products and services, tell the world a bit about you, serve as your online shop, they are the static (typically) face of your business.

Your blog on the other hand is your personality, it is your voice on your industry, it’s where you share your expertise, a place to announce your news, proffer your views, build your credibility and raise your personal brand profile.

And as an extra bonus it will improve your SEO (search engine optimisation).  This is the way that your website gets found on the internet.

Ok, forget the word blog, think news channel.  Think influence, you to your industry, you to the media and you to your prospects and customers. It is your way of staying in touch and managing the conversation.

A corporate news channel is one of the fastest and most versatile ways of delivering new content and building relationships.  Your news channel is your opportunity to tell your corporate story with a personal touch and a bit of flair.

You can invite customers/prospect to give you feedback, to interact with you in an entirely different way and to find out what you really do and how you do it.

In my very humble opinion, just because you don’t understand what a blog is, or think it’s something that spotty teenagers do when they are not on Facebook, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid business tool.

New blogging, as differentiated from spotty teenager blogging, lets you put your unique voice and corporate spin on what life is really like at your business, a birds eye or insider view.  New blogging gets inside the business and includes news and views people from different teams, from customers, investors and even the MD.

If you have something interesting to say, have amazing products, deliver awesome customer service, are a lynchpin in your industry – start your online newspaper.  If not, then you were right – you do not want a blog.

Other reasons for the news channel

  • If it takes forever to get web content added, this will give you access to an easy to use platform which will allow you to publish immediately.
  • It can be updated from anywhere at anytime.
  • You can quickly share company news.
  • It is more effective at delivering news than your email newsletter, which is delivered, possibly read and often deleted.  Online content stays online until you delete it and you can refer to it in your digital communications as often as you like.
  • Your content is filed online and available 24/7.
  • Interaction with e-mail marketing – write your blogs, then use them to drive your campaigns out and to deliver leads back into the business.
  • And my favourite is using your blog as the basis of your book.

The news channel is the hub from which all content can be virally marketed.  By which we mean that it can be easily ‘posted’ to social media channels where the intention is
to drive traffic back to the news channel/website to capture new customers, leads, event bookings etc.  Your news channel will raise awareness, protect and build reputation and brand value.

Measurement of effectiveness will be via analytics and research/feedback from members.

What is in your blogging plan?


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