How to get over your creative and writers block

How to get over your creative and writers block

As a young girl, I was plagued with self-doubt and for a good reason. I’ll tell you more another day. I was also wayward, hated being told what to do and always wanted to do it my way, often with repercussions.

One day in art class we had been presented with some ceramic piggies that another class had made. Our task was to draw our pig. How boring I thought as I set about capturing the essence of shiny pig. Of course, now I can see it was a great lesson in observation. One piggy scribbled and I was looking for mischief, wth nothing better to do with my time I wrote my name in huge letters across the bottom.

Later that week I was queuing for something, and there was my piggy on display for all to see. Mortified I wondered what exactly did the teacher have against me? How could she put this monstrosity out for all to see? Turning my head away I made a silent vow; no-one would make an arse of me again.

Some months later I was invited to a presentation from a local University who were talking about art careers. I attended, but wondered why me? I was rubbish at art, and there would never be a future for me at this scribbling thing.

The years rolled by and I lost touch with creativity. Sometimes I would go to an art class, but the troubled girl inside of my would run out of patience and ruin everything I attempted. Also, I found trying to paint landscapes uninspiring.

I found knitting weird dolls relaxing and did this for a few years. We donated the dolls to children’s charities, and that made me feel good. The only trouble was they were someone else’s patterns. I did make up the clothes and had fun being a weird knitted doll dress designer for a while.

As time went by every time I wanted to do art my head got in my way. That is until this weekend. It had been a tearful full moon, and I’d had some sad conversations which asked me to reflect. Work was not on the agenda, although I’d done some great writing for a book leading up to this weekend. No, I needed a break.

I sat with a picture of Marley Moo and gave it a go. Marley is my middle dog and has some very beautiful markings. Being black and grey I figured she would be easier. In trepidation I scribbled and as I did her beauty was revealed before me.

Marley Moo

Telling myself it was time to get over myself I posted it on Facebook. Then I went off to have a play with Angel Dog. Angel ended up with pink fur and body. Now I was having fun. Next came Ferdy, and disaster struck his ears looked like a wig. I peed myself laughing and started again, this time making him purple.

I have been deeply moved by the lovely comments. However, I still have a massive lack of confidence hurdle to leap over. At this point, I could stop and never do anymore. Oh yes, that’s how far out of my comfort zone I am. However, what I am going to continue. And here’s why.

If you don’t try, you will always wonder

There are so many things that we can put off that will help us grow as humans, yet we let the silliness in our heads get in the way.This stuff comes from childhood, and before anyone says anything, I’ve had some pretty shit stuff happen to me. Over the years I have worked on that and now know, it was all part of the journey. That doesn’t make what happened right. It means that I have had some work to do and I’ve done it and am doing it. I never want to spend my life wondering what if. I want to embrace my challenges and have fun.

Writing like art can fill our minds with all kinds of things which hold us back. Writers block comes because gremlins lurk where creativity should reside. My invitation is for you to try. Put pen to paper and write.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is awesome

Comfort zones are only cages if you allow them to be. I have sat inside my cage for far too long, the door is open, and this bird wants to fly free. Now that I have peeped around the corner of the stuff that’s been in my head, the outside looks rather promising.

Lessons learned to help you get over your writers block

Finding your Style

I had asked before I started to be shown my style. I think this had held me back. My mum and so many of my friends are brilliant artists, they have a style, and I didn’t, and I wanted it to come to me magically.

This happens with writers. Once the book is outlined, and they are ready to write, fear sets in. They don’t know their style and therefore stop before they have even started. Putting fingers to the keyboard will help you get over your writers block. Just write and know that you can edit later.

Things will go wrong; editing is where the magic is

ferdy dog brown

ferdy dog purple

Ferdy’s ears were hilarious, and no you cannot see them. What  I did instead was to crop them in Canva.

As a writer remember the magic comes in the editing. That’s right, you can cut the funny ears out of your writing too. Then as I did you can recraft your work. When you have something to edit, writer’s block will melt away. It is always easier to manipulate work you have already created. Well, you can with words and not with wig like ears!

Not everyone will love your work, but you will have fans

So here’s the thing the Marley Moo picture grabbed lots of people’s attention while the other two did not. Why was this? What was wrong with them? Confidence crashing – help!!!!

This is what happened; people saw Marley Moos essence, there was something special about her. The other two were ok, but they didn’t have her quality. This will happen in writing. You’ll put out a piece and people will wow over it, they next day nada. It’s ok; this is what happens. Just keep at it. Some people will love what you do, and others don’t.

Do not give up – ever

Once I’d done my paintings I thought well there we are done and dusted, what next? Then a little voice said, Listen, miss, now you can do some others using what you have learned, and you can start to perfect that style you have. Me, I have a style. Yes you, you dipstick, you have a style. And I do, just like you do.

I’m not going to give up; I’m going to do more. This is true about so many things in life; we give up at the first hurdle. The first hurdle is just a little test of your mettle, and I know you want to do more and to stand up and show ‘them’ your fabulousness. Make a vow with me now and join me on this adventure.

That is not to say there aren’t things that you do need to give up on. There are. Crap relationships, toxic friends and shitty food are just three things I think we can safely bin. They are things to let go so that you can make space for great things to emerge.



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