Ghostwriting / co-authoring is where you work with someone else to get your thoughts and ideas out, they then take it, make sense of it and produce your content as if they were you. You own the copyright (on full payment) and can publish it in your name. Wouldn't that make your writing projects easier, give it to someone else?


  • business women making notesGhostwriting / co-authoring will be for you, if you want to create a book, blog or any other written content and do not have the time, energy or skills to do it yourself.
  • Authors who need a collaborator to help finish their book or to co-write
  • Organisations who have business writing projects and little or no resources to complete them
  • Knowledge management team need a professional writer to create a new or updated knowledge asset
  • You may want a book to demonstrate your expertise, use as a marketing tool and sell through your business, at workshops or training events, build a business library or you may want to leave behind a legacy for your family and friends.
Many people have something to say, but lack the time, confidence or simply let other things get in the way. A part of them struggles with this inner conflict that is associated with the written word and wanting to get their voice heard. Having a ghostwriter / co-author takes the pressure off.

Writing your book doesn't have to be about being a famous author and being on the bookshelves in Waterstones or Smiths, you already have a fan base waiting for your words.



    • Business
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Communication
    • Psychology
    • NLP
    • Personal development & coaching
    • Spiritual
    • Nutrition & diets
    • Memoirs / Life Writing

    Email me your ideas, what stage you are at, estimated number of words, what format your current information is in, deadlines, goals, special requirements, target audience, what research you have undertaken, what research you require me to do  and anything else you consider important.  I will then call you for an informal chat.  Following that we can decide what the next step is.

    Getting your book published will be via print on demand & book marketing experts Kindle and CreateSpace on Amazon

    • How many pages do you think or want the book or article to be? – it will take roughly 3-4 hours per page for a new project (includes editing and re-editing)
    A 50,000 word, 200 page book will take between 400 and 800 hours. A book will take many months to pull together, the finished books you see, didn't start that way and take a lot of work to get them knocked into shape.

    Of course it also depends on both our commitments.

    Other points to consider are:-
    • Is this an update to an existing book?
    • How many pages are in the existing documentation?
    • What percentage needs to be updated? – it will take roughly 1-2 hours per page If it is software book – I need a copy and a short training overview (plus any documentation you already have)
    • How much research is needed?
    • How many people need interviewing?
    • Following a full debrief and initial 16 hours you will get a business book writing quotation.

    The first step is a book discovery and planning day, after that a series of recorded interviews (4-6) with you or whomever needs to be included.

    I am able to prepare drafts for approval and work with you until you're ready to publish.

    You should be able to supply reference material, which can be added to via further research to support your ideas.

    My focus is on producing quality content that reflects your voice and style.

    I believe in honesty and collaboration. You expect dedication from me and vice versa.

    To demonstrate your commitment there a prepaid hourly fee for a minimum of 16 hours for new clients.

    My preference is to have some face to face time and the rest done via phone/Skype/email.

    After our initial time of working together, we should be in a better position to fully understand how compatible we are and how we will best work together.

    Payment is scheduled so that we can review style and subject matter understanding, and get your book underway. From here we agree the rest of the payment schedule dates and project plan.

    For new clients an upfront payment is required for 16 hours work, which includes, initial interview, book proposal review, initial work and a a review.  From here we can estimate how long it will take and how well we work together. After that the payment schedule is as follow:-
    • Signing - 15%
    • Detailed Outline - 10%
    • Draft of chapter 1 - 25%
    • Draft 1 of entire manuscript - 25%
    • Revised manuscript - 25%
    The fee is paid at each stage and the contract is subject to termination by either party following each payment. Research fees would be in addition to this minimum writing fee.