Jacqui Malpass MBA

I love, love, love helping people to find the book that they want to write and share with the world

You are a beautiful soul who has experienced something which has profoundly changed your life and you are on a mission to serve and support others who are experiencing this stuff. You have a personal leadership and inspirational story that has to be shared.

Working intuitively I get connected to the heart and soul of your words and together we create your book, The one which is the RIGHT book for RIGHT now. Typically your book will be based on your personal leadership story. I'm excited by stories which share the colour of your life.

Write your book with me

I would love to become part of your onward journey, the one that sees you finding your voice, inspirational message, writing an amazing transformational personal leadership book, maximising your blog, turning your book into a course and rocking that out to the world.

Writing to heal coach

As you write your life will change

Writing will bring clarity to your life. As you work through your stories you will discover a greater purpose. We will  delve deep in to who you are, how to change the stories that are holding you back.

And... you may find that you want to turn your journals into a blog or book to build your brand.

As Patrick Swayze said ‘no one puts baby in the corner’. Yes I did watch it 14 times. I also watched Out of Africa as many times. And a sucker for a good old black and white movie. I am captivated by stories of all kinds. To tell your stories and share your knowledge, skills and experience, you have to take your courage in your hands. People connect to people they know, like and trust, so they have to get to know you, a book (or books) provide a perfect way to do that.

Jacqui Malpass

Author and writer

As well as supporting other inspirational people to write their books, I am also an author.  Since 2013 I have written and published a number of books. 

I am currently writing 3 non-fiction books and a modern fable.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Who am I?

I have been described in many ways – inspirational, motivational, quirky and fun. I have also been described as beautifully eccentric, which I do indeed take as a compliment. What you get is what you see. What I want for you, is for to share your gifts with the world. My role is to support you to be able to inspire others with your message.


In between drinking White tea with peppermint, experimenting with new ways of eating, making healthy cakes, eating raw chocolate and walking the three loves of my life – Ferdy dog, Marley Moo and Angel, I can be found writing non-fiction books and more recently challenging myself to writing a series of children’s book inspired by the dogs. Look out for 'Puppy with no name',  'Marley and her moo' and "Ferdy's adventures across the rainbox bridge.'

My background

Throughout my childhood, I would lose myself in my imagination. Stories, writing and creativity were a natural part of my day to day life. Today I couldn't imagine not writing.

As a teenager, I can remember telling my chemistry teacher that I wanted to be a dietician. Sadly, my rebellious ways got me in a little trouble and I was expelled .

After doing some pretty crap jobs, I got one in the Tax office. Happily for me, I met an Inspector of Taxes who was to change my life. Mrs. Glover, pulled lots of strings to help me get my first real job in the IT industry.

I started my corporate career, teaching accountants how to ‘do’ accounts on big old computers. As a techie geek, I loved being in the IT industry and progressed from trainer through tech support, pre-sales, account management, sales and into marketing – where I thought I had found myself. People have always fascinated me and so a natural progression was into soft skills training and executive coaching.

Later I came to realise that writing and coaching people were what kept me alive. After helping numerous people to journal and write books for cathartic reasons (i.e. they never published) I knew that what I wanted was to find a way to help others to share their stories. Becoming a book writing coach became a passion realised. Part of my purpose is to support the authors journey and to ensure that more inspirational messages are shared.

Later I came to realise that it was more than the book, it was how could I help my clients turn their words into gold and The Word Alchemist was born. Now I can combine everything I have done to help others find and be their personal brand. 

Each client I work with inspires a change in me,  as I strive to learn more, remain self-aware, be a better human, love with all of my heart and be, me.

Are you ready for a YOU adventure?

What would it mean to you to find your voice, inspirational message and be able to leave your legacy?

What if you could monetise your knowledge, skills and experience?

How do you feel about getting connected to your divine inner wisdom?

Are you reading to start a conscious uprising?

I am an expert at getting your story and ideas out, and really finding the essence of what you want to say – your inspirational message.

If you decide to write a book, I will take you from idea (or no idea) to outline, from first draft, through the editing process and on to publication and helping you to create something bigger than your book – your legacy.

Together we can create a beautiful, juicy personal leadership legacy book. I can also show you how you can (if you want to) turn that into an online course, blog, workshop, coaching program or something else, designed around your soul purpose and inspirational message. I am really passionate about working with people who want to make a difference. Is that you?

My adventure

Life has certainly thrown a few things at me. In June 2014, after an interesting discovery, I packed up my life as I knew it and headed off for an adventure. I've reformed (almost) an old house in Spain, enjoyed being a part of a lovely spiritual community and taken loads of 'energy' courses.  In 2016 I reignited my delight in nutrition and enrolled on another Naturopathic Nutrition course. I have been studying nutrition and why people eat the way that they do since my 20's.

I've created new online courses, gained 1000's of students, worked with incredible authors, found another dog (or she found me), written more books and now writing fiction. 

Deciding to follow my heart, combine words, books, brand, teaching with spiritual nutritional healing has been the best thing for me.

After wondering where life was taking me, I now live for today, adoring each new day and whatever opportunities it holds for me.

Meet the team

These are my babies.

Ferdy Dog came at 18 months, he is a Hungarian Vizsla and is king of the house. His concern is food and getting the best place to be. He is vociferous and hates cats.

Marley Moo arrived at 8 months old. When I met her first mum. she told me that Marley was chucked onto a balcony as a puppy and left to roast in the sun. She has clearly survived and is thriving. She has a beautiful and gentle nature. She also has a wild adventurous spirit and can often be found at the top of the mountain.

Finally, Angel, I found her in the rambla (dried river bed) one evening. Despite my best efforts, no one came forward and she kinda looked at me in that way that said ‘you can be my mummy’ and so I am. She is gorgeous and here to stay.

What else can I tell you?

I like to walk – even before dogs I walked for miles. I read endlessly and that makes sense since I help others to write books and tell stories. I have been inspired to write children’s books by the dogs and my mum is illustrating – she is incredibly talented. And finally I make strange things out of wire and wool – I call it my creative streak. Did I mention the cakes?

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