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Journal of a Crazy Lady by LaRae Parry

Isn’t funny how we take so much for granted, the ability to read and write for example is something that is a given. Imagine then if something dreadful happened which left you having to re learn everything as if you were a new born. Which is what happened to LaRae Parry.

Meet LaRae Parry

LaRae started her career as an artist and children’s author in 1991. Before a medical error landed her in ICU she had authored 13 painting books, one children’s family board game, children’s coloring books and activities calendars.

I’m back. Back from ten years of relearning just about everything. In 2005, I suffered a major medical error which landed me in the ICU on life-support. Docs said because of lack of oxygen to my brain (good that I even had one), it needed to be rebooted.

Rebooted and back in action

LaRae continues “From 2005 to 2010, I have been not only learning how to walk again, but to read–and write–oh my gosh, I can write again–better than I can read. Very interesting, huh.

Anyway, I began writing again in 2010. It was hard. I had forgotten, or lost the knowledge I’d once had about grammar and punctuation. I still have a hard time with it. Before my “brain crash,” I was a pro. I could spot a badly written, poorly punctuated sentence from a mile away. Now, I’m just glad I can find the comma key. ;)”

We are really glad she stuck with the journaling, because we are blessed with her tales of getting her life ‘rebooted’.

It’s sad how funny the journals are

Journal of a Crazy Lady” is based an my life’s actual events. It’s sad how funny it is.

I just released my second journal titled, “Crud . . . Another Journal.” It’s even funnier than the first one. Which is really sad for me, that is. It’s hilarious to everyone else. Which is sad. Really sad. 🙂

For anyone who has never experienced the power of journaling and writing, please do head over to Amazon, click and buy. Then get yourself a journal and pen and start scribbling. Who knows what your first or next book will be about.

LaRae thank you for sharing see you over on Twitter

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