Ode to summer writing

By Jacqui Malpass | All things writing

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Ode to summer writing

The summers here, the time is right

There’s a book inside you, burning bright

We all have experiences, that we can share

Put pen to paper and show you care

A summer book, can start to grow A

nd will bear fruit, in autumns glow

One day to discover the book in you

3 months to write, to draft number two

The biggest block is how to start

Don’t worry, it’s down to a fine art

One day with me, sorting your book

You can zoom off on holiday, to think and cook

And on your return, you can write chapter one

My job then is to help, get the rest done

Then when it is in a better state

We look at how to publish at a very good rate

Your seminars, talks, workshops and events

Will now inspire your new clients

Not far behind is book number two

With lessons learned, another you can do

I’m here again, for a discovery day

Helping you write, in your own special way

What would it mean to you, to add published author to your CV and business card?

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Inspiring you to discover your inspirational message, turning your stories into books which ignite you and your brand.. Re-discover your soul purpose | Share your message | Rock out your book and personal brand I love how words and stories change lives and build businesses. I work with you to help you find ideas for your non-fiction book, get it written, published and marketed - connecting it to your brand and purpose. You can grab this free report on how to find ideas for a book, which gives you 10 quick start ideas. I will update you with interesting news that I have found for writers, authors and entrepreneurs to help you build your brand around you and your books. Connect with me on Google Plus Jacqui Malpass

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