Organ time – the flow of now

Divine inner wisdom - Organ time and the flow of now

When ‘stuff’ is happening to me, I watch where my energy is, where it seems to ebb and flow and consider what are my organs trying to communicate. A great way is to tune into your organ time. In five elements each organ has a time and an associated emotion. This ‘tool’ along with my journal has supported my exploration of self in wonderful ways.

Over the years I have suffered from poor sleep. This was especially noticeable when I was in the peri-menopause stage and living with someone who I shouldn’t have. He’s a story for another day and long gone and released long ago.

What I didn’t know was that I had a thyroid issue. I’d had blood tests and was consistently told that there was nothing wrong. After trying what I can only describe as at least a hundred different natural remedies for my insomnia (I didn’t know Anandi at that time), I took Prozac. I’d tried Zopiclone and found myself staring at the ceiling all night in some kind of twilight zone; I knew that no matter what sleeping pills were not for me.

The immediate effect of Prozac was that I felt calm. Calm enough to consider my diet. For the next 18 months my diet became the focus of my life and as I started to feel better, I came off Prozac. When I took these drugs I had an exit strategy and I knew that I would wean myself off asap. It turned out that I could do this within four months.

At the end of a two year period I had another round of blood tests (I was having regular blood tests throughout) and I asked the doctor to go through the last few years and to look for any patterns. He was rather brusque but did it anyway. There in black and white was an undiagnosed thyroid issue. That was why I was not sleeping, among other things. I cannot tell you how jubilant I felt – I’d found part of my issue.

Changing my diet was one thing what I also did was to consider the emotions around what was going on and which was my most stressed organ. At this time I was in a dreadful relationship and although I could understand the emotions I was unable to adequately deal with them. Knowing about five elements and the emotions sat in my periphery. I wrote and wrote and wrote, but it wasn’t until I was out of the situation was I able to fully appreciate how to get beneath these emotions and explore thoroughly.

Having knowledge of something is one thing, doing something useful with that knowledge is quite another.

Time moves on, and I use organ time as a daily barometer to understanding what is going on with me. Now I am fully present with the flow of now and my diet is amazing. The pen and nutrition have been good friends to me and they can to you too.

Balance and harmony – yin and yang

Each of the Five Elements are also connected to organs. Each organ belongs to an element. The organs are in pairs so that they are balanced with each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a 50 / 50 relationship, like anything balance is dynamic. The organs are described as being yin or yang, yet each contains yin and yang.

Regarding your body, yang is above the waist, and yin is below the waist. Yang organs are mainly responsible for the digestion and yin organs blood and body fluids. It’s not important that you understand everything that there is to know about yin and yang, just to know that everything within and around you is balanced and that you are seeking to maintain that balance.

Organ time

When you start to tune into your body, you will start to notice times when various things happen. For example, you may find yourself waking up at a particular time. Or you have a dip in energy at a regular time, which is telling you very probably that the food you are eating and your environment isn’t serving you. You can then consider the emotion associated with that element and draw some conclusions to your health and wellbeing.

Let’s say for example you may find yourself waking at 2 am (Wood and liver time 1–3 am). This is telling you that your liver is possibly having a tough time processing your toxins or unexpressed emotions (stress, anger and frustration).

In Chinese medicine, the heart (Fire 11 am–1 pm) is also the mind, and so you will find that monkey mind will start up and you can’t go back to sleep.

5 elements organ time

Your Wood has affected your Fire. As the organs come in pairs, you may also notice that your energy dips between 11 pm and 1 am (Wood and gallbladder time). The partner to the Heart is Small Intestine (1–3 pm), and so you may find that being awake with monkey mind tires you out and the knock on effect is that you don’t feel like nourishing yourself properly between 1 pm and 3 pm, which has a knock on effect to Earth which is your stomach (7–9 am) – you skip breakfast and spleen (9–11am) – you vent because you have no fuel inside of you, and so on.

Yeah I know, it’s a pain to realise how one little thing upsets so many other things. Know that this stuff can be rectified with faith and some work.

When you do start to make sense of how the simple messages correlate, you can then make changes to align your energy flows. The key is first to notice and then find out what the root cause is. Good nutrition, self-love and journaling are a good start.

Organ time in brief


11 a.m.-1 p.m.- Heart (Yin)

The heart pumps blood and nutrients around your system. Imagine the network of veins and arteries that cover your body communicating love and energy from your spirit. The heart is the controller of all of your other organs and is crucial to life. It is where your spirit lives. How connected are you to your spirituality? Think about your capacity for self-love and how you may unintentionally be communicating your lack of love.

1-3 p.m. – Small Intestine (Yang)

The small intestine is best friends with the heart. The small intestine takes the good stuff from your mushed up food and separates it from the waste which it passes to the kidneys while the large intestine gets the solid matter. Your small intestine is protecting your spirit by getting rid of your rubbish. Do you feel confused? Are things in a mess? Do you have tummy ache / loose bowels? Does your lower back ache? Are you able to separate your good and not so good emotions?


7-9 p.m. – Circulation Sex/ pericardium

The pericardium’s job is to protect the heart. Do you have difficulty expressing emotions? Do you often feel down? Are you feeling overly protective?

9-11 p.m.- Triple Heater

The triple heater is not associated with any organ; rather it looks after the balance of heat across three main areas of the body. Do you feel lethargic? Do you lose your temper and have little patience? Are things in your life frozen or have they ground to a stop? Do you crave hot baths or cold drinks?


11 p.m.- 1 a.m. – Gall Bladder (Yang)

The gallbladder stores and secretes bile which stimulates peristalsis. Whatever frustration you feel in life it is stored here. Consider how when you are frustrated you can feel your bile rising. Are you overly judgemental? Do you find it hard to put your plans into action?

1-3 a.m. —Liver (Yin)

The liver is responsible for the flow of energy and blood. It is the organ most affected by stress and your emotions. How stressed are you? How are your eyes, are they blurry or itchy? Are you craving sour foods? Do you find it hard to unwind? What about your levels of anger? Do you find it hard to plan or make decisions? How are your drive and ambition? Do you find it hard to be flexible when things don’t go to plan? Are you feeling stuck and stagnant? Are your joints stiff?


3-5 a.m. —Lung (Yin)

Lungs are about letting go and unexpressed grief or sadness. We need our lungs so that oxygen can flow to all of the right places and we can expel waste products. Do you find yourself unable to let go of any grief and unexpressed sadness? Do you find it hard to catch your breath and breath all the way to your stomach? Do you suffer from a runny nose or congested sinuses? Are you craving spicy foods?

5-7 a.m. – Large Intestine (Yang)

The Large intestine is where we let go of waste is also about letting go of emotions and rubbish in our lives. Consider if life feels constipated or is there is enough space to be who you want to be. What aren’t you letting go of? What are you holding onto that does not serve you?


3-5 p.m. – Bladder

The bladder holds water until it is ready to be released. Imagine that this organ is the container for the fluidity of ideas which can flow gently like a stream, rage like a fast moving river or be stuck like a lake frozen over. Consider if you feel frozen, fearful, or flowing nicely. Do you have the courage to change and grow?

5-7 p.m. – Kidney

The kidneys are a filtration system and where we consolidate and store nourishment. They are a store cupboard of energy. The kidneys give your spirit the energy to express herself and give her life some spark. Do you feel fearful or have panic attacks? Do you have ear problems? Do you have osteoporosis? Are you craving salt?

Create a body map for now

Draw a picture of you in the middle of a sheet of paper and put a clock around the outside. Next, make a note over a three day period how you feel. Read each of the elements to decide where you may be out of tune with yourself. What conclusions can you draw? What actions can you take to bring your balance back? E.g. if you find yourself being overly judgemental, what does this say about how you are judging yourself? What is it that is annoying you about someone else? What is the source of that annoyance? Are you not creating boundaries? Explore in your journal.

Tune in daily

Your body has many blunt ways of communicating with you. It starts off whispering and when you don’t listen, clobbers you quite violently.

Your body has many blunt ways of communicating with you. It starts off whispering and when you don’t listen, clobbers you quite violently. It says ‘tough you didn’t listen, so have this, bosh!’ Tune in over the next three days to discover what clues are being left for you. Ways to tune in are:-

  • On waking, place your hands on your heart and solar plexus, sending in energy and receiving wisdom in return
  • Daily journaling – write about what is going on, do not try, let your words flow
  • Stretching on getting out of bed
  • Are you thirsty or hungry?
  • What colours are you drawn to that day?
  • Did you wake during the night? What time?
  • What emotions do you feel as you start your day? What about the rest of the day?
  • What else do you notice? Skin, breath, bowels…
  • How do you feel as you move through your day? Tune into your organ times, making a note of times, emotions and feelings

When armed with the knowledge you can start to make sense of things. When you start making sense of things, you can transform. Please have faith and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and sorting stuff out also takes time. There will be highs and lows. The good days and the crazy days. It will get better.

Call me for a practical and intuitive nutritional healing and journaling session.


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