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voice of your brand

Connect to your purpose and turn your inspirational message into brand assets that work for you 24/7

​Together we create the perfect strategy that will help you to 'rock your brand'

The key to your personal branding success is to find and align your values, passion, vision and purpose and get compensated for it.

Understand your Personal Brand and you will understand the direction of your business or career. Personal branding coaching will help you to create a unique position for you and your business / career and it will help you to focus on how you create value for your customers/target audience. Add in YOUR BLOG, BOOK and COURSE and you will skyrocket your business / career.

Personal branding is creating something special you believe in and have passion about. It separates and differentiates you between your peers, colleagues and competitors.

My role is to help you see beyond who you think you are, to inspire you to believe in your potential and to help you to seize every opportunity to share your gifts & your inspirational message

Your investment

Initial Consultation

One to one consultation. Together, we’ll identify where you are with your personal branding strategy and what support you need.

Your investment £247

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Personal branding strategy, coaching & mentoring

Following your initial consultation, this coaching & mentoring package is designed to coach you through successfully creating a rocking personal brand strategy.

Your investment £375 per month​

Your personal brand

You already have a personal brand whether you want one or not – simply by being you, you have a brand. What you do with it, is up to you. If it needs changing then you make the choice to do that. Life is always about choices and while it may be tempting to say I don’t care what others think, or they can take me or leave me, the reality is, if that’s what you think you will be left on the shelf.

Your personal brand exists in the minds of others in the way they perceive, think, and feel about you. It’s important to remember that your personal brand is not what you think it is but it’s what others perceive it to be.

Personal brand

Personal brand is an evolution. It starts on the inside and works itself out. It is your unique voice and inspirational message that you have come to share.

Jacqui Malpass

Personal branding strategy for authors, coaches, consultants and executive leaders

From the inside out

  • Connect to your soul purpose & inspirational message
  • Become clear about who you are, knowledge, skills, experience & passion
  • Stay healthy and energised
  • Change your mindset

Set your vision

  • Know where you are going
  • Connect to your passion and purpose
  • Take action

Demonstrate your expertise

  • Communicate with confidence
  • Write a book and an course to build your brand and credibility
  • Share your knowledge, skills and experience

Personal marketing

  • Promote yourself effectively
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Package yourself and be remembered
  • Measure your success


Personal Benefits

Creating a strong personal brand builds your confidence, creating opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available

  • Growing your confidence so that you can move up or on to more challenging roles
  • Change direction, start a new business, take early retirement or redundancy knowing that the opportunities are already being created
  • Raises your profile, credibility and you are seen as the go to person
  • Offered more challenging projects which build your skill set and make you more valuable
  • You gain a competitive advantage
  • More of what you want – money, better life balance

Entrepreneurial Benefits

Creating a personal brand builds your reputation, credibility and visibility enabling you to attract new customers and opportunities

  • Seen as the expert
  • Raises awareness of who you are, what you do and the value you bring
  • Opens up opportunties to grow your business and product portfolio
  • Charge higher prices

Organisational Benefits

  • Provides a powerful differentiator for you and your business
  • The interested generated by your thought leadership team, generates more interest in your organisation
  • Your highly motivated well branded people can leverage their connections to help make the organisation more successful
  • Your organisation gains a sustainable competitive advantage
  • People connect to people, not logos
  • Better skilled and more motivated people stay and positively impact your efficiency and profitability

Rock your brand with a book

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