The role of writing in weight loss and better health

The role of writing in weight loss and better health

It’s that time of year when new diets are launched, and people are committing to their weight loss plans. I applaud everyone who starts any adventure into better health, at any time of the year. I celebrate those that use nutrition to achieve weight loss and ultimately better health for life.

My goal is to feel full of energy and to have a body which works as it should. If that means changing the way that I eat, then good. My belief is that we are all different and therefore will have different nutritional needs and an ideal which makes us feel ‘comfortable’ weight. Today my goal is not weight loss; it is how do I maintain my energy, health and stay away from the need for prescription drugs. In doing this, my body has found its natural weight. That’s not to say I do not supplement or try natural remedies, but that’s a blog for another day.

Too often weight loss is seen as a short-term goal, a thing to strive for and something to fix. When you go to a slimming club, you get a well done or an oh shame, try harder next time. There are rigid rules, calorie counting, colourful days, fasting, focus on certain foods and a whole host of things. There are as many rules as there are dieting plans. It’s confusing and overwhelming. You make excuses, and eventually you join the queues of people with less in their pockets and more on their hips.

How do I know? Like you, I have been there and done that. I used to think I was fat and ugly. I hated my body. Taking the next magical pill that was going to melt the pounds and weight training among other daily exercise routines, became an obsession. Diets and diet plans were tried and abandoned. I felt alone, confuddled and abandoned.

When different dis-eases were diagnosed, for example, I was once told I had pernicious anaemia. I believed it because my great grandmother had died with it. There was a genetic link, or so I believed. I went routinely for my B12 injections, and they did improve my health, or at least that’s what I told myself in the early days. What happened was in reality, was that I slowed down, I wrote and explored myself. Discovering through research what supplements interfered with what was an eye opener. When I reviewed my considerable container of ‘drugs’ I felt stupid.

As I wrote, I found out more about myself and my motivations. I understood about why I hated myself and why I forced myself up at 5 am to hit the gym and to swallow countless wonder drugs, follow different diets and to believe that the answer lay in someone else’s process, instead of within.

It took a year for me to work out that I didn’t have pernicious anaemia and I went back to the doctor to explain. The injections stopped.

The writing continued, and although it wasn’t for many years that I found how to eat and live for me, I did at least make small advances in my health from that point to this. More recently I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Six weeks later, through nutrition, writing, exploring and energy medicine, my thyroid was normal. I am now working with my doctor to ensure that it stays this way. He gives me blood tests, and I work out what to eat.

To look at me now, you would find it hard to believe that I could have ever been overweight. For many my idea of overweight would not be yours. Let’s say I found it uncomfortable to be over 11 stone or a size 14 (UK). I am much happier at approx. 9.5 stones and a 10-12 (UK), not that I know how much I weigh as I don’t have a scale and I buy clothes to fit not what the label says.

What has helped me is journaling. When I write about how I feel, I can get to the heart of me. With this understanding, I can start to piece things together, make sense, make decisions and take action. When I take the time to tune into my body and ask what it wants me to know and then write what comes up, I get answers.

How writing has helped me with weight loss and better health

When you fall off the weight loss band wagon, get out your pen. You can't eat it, but writing will help you know why.

  • Exploration of my eating habits and motivations
  • Exploring and understanding me
  • Reviewing my life through a timeline (this link is for memoirs, it will work for eating too) and getting those wonderful aha moments
  • Understanding what triggers comfort or otherwise eating
  • Researching nutrition, making notes and making sense for me
  • Finding recipes and adapting them to suit my nutritional needs, scribbling and crossing out rubbish ingredients is very powerful
  • Keeping a food diary, reviewing and making changes
  • Creating plans to change how you will look at your health
  • To do lists and actions in a daily planner
  • Recording achievements
  • Recording findings and feedback
  • Doodling pictures of how I see myself
  • Creating a written visual map and recording the changes
  • Letting things go – letters to the Universe
  • Celebrating success – love letters to you

Writing connects you to your divine inner wisdom

When you write, you connect to a deeper part of you. Working with your muse, letting yourself go and putting pen to paper reveals many surprises. Let your pen help you to make sense of why your health and it doesn’t have to be weight loss, is the way that it is. Then use your pen to assist you with

Make writing a daily part of your weight loss or health plan

Writing daily does not mean writing reams into your journal. Yes, this is good and very illuminating. Writing daily means doing a range of writing activities which help you. It is a process, and you have to find what works for you. You could start with a food diary and an exploration into your childhood with food and emotional memories which you map to a time line. You may start keeping a food and emotion diary so that you learn your trigger points after which you can explore. You could have a daily goal in your business planner.

Ask yourself how you can start writing and adding it into your life today.

How will you and how can you make writing part of your weight loss and better health plan?

Writing for the soul sessions will enable you to get connected to you and with some sound nutritional healing advice you will be able to attain better health (if that is your heart’s desire).






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Carrie Eddins - January 14, 2017

Jacqui, I love this post and really felt your journey, gosh! I know I use writing to help me with any issue, and weight is no different! I find like you writing to be therapeutic, and it is such a healing process through self-reflection isn’t it!

    Jacqui Malpass - January 14, 2017

    Reflection is the key. I find that as I write, stuff just comes out and when I go back, I surprise myself with what I discover. It is an incredible tool

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