Today is a big pants day

I guess that most women know what BIG PANTS are?  And if you don’t you don’t know what you are missing.  Guys these are those Bridget Jones knickers that hold us in and give us a lovely smooth outline.

However, all frivolity aside, there is something strange going on and lots of people are experiencing things getting in the way and giving up on stuff that they really wanted to do.

I gave up going to the gym about eight months ago, my joints were creaking and I was tired, so it seemed like I was wasting my time and money having a gym membership.

The upshot is that I have lost some flexibility and I miss my yoga.  But worse than that, from out of no where I have a swelly tum.  Of course that is probably because I have taken my eye off my healthy eating ball.

Today, I pulled on big pants to give me some support for a dress I want to wear to deliver a presentation.  Unless any of the attendees read this, they wont know and I will feel confident.

Sometimes all it takes is something small (or is that big) to give us back a feeling of confidence and to let us know that it is ok to fall off the bandwagon.

This week I am back to yoga and the gym.  Today I changed my walking plans and was out for a fast, hilly walk that really got my heart pumping and ok I will confess to having chocolate for breakfast, I do have salad for later…..  I can’t be quite that perfect just yet.

And while we are on the subject of perfection.  Trying to be perfect stunts creativity.  When it all goes wrong, it’s just time to reflect, take stock, see what lessons we can learn and make the changes that will take us to where we want to be.

So if you are having a flabby, no confidence, I want to give up day, stuff it all in your big pants, paint a smile on your face and go tell the world that you are  ‘bloody marvelous’.

Trust me, in no time at all you will feel fantabedozy!

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