Turn your book into a course

Turn your brilliant book into a course and make money while you sleep


Your book is written and now you want to profit further from your knowledge.

It's time to turn your book into a course

You have the book and now you want to maximise your message.

Online learning is not the next BIG thing. It is the thing. It is the thing that is going to help you to further profit from your knowledge.

A book and an online course will build your brand so that you will be seen as the go to expert. You will now be able to offer a fully rounded experience to your clients.

Let me support you through how to turn your book into a course

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Jacqui Malpass

Jacqui Malpass - The Word Alchemist

Are you leaving money on the table by not creating courses from your books? I have over 17,000 students in my online courses and I can teach you what I know about how to create another profitable income stream using content you’ve already created. You will learn how to deconstruct your book and understand how to use different learning styles and strategies to engage with your clients.

In 60 - 90 days turn your book into a online course

online course strategy

Course strategy

Together, we’ll review your book and decide what is the best way to present your course. We'll look at course strategies, platform and your personal brand.

plan your online course

 Plan your course

Following your initial consultation, we will plan your course. This will include your outline, section framework, handouts and videos.

online course content development

Develop the content

With me by your side, we will collaboratively develop and test the content. 

Publish and promote your online course

Publish & promote

Once the course is written, you will be ready to publish. We will look at your best routes to market.

Throughout this journey, I will hold your hand, become your mentor, coach, project manager, accountability buddy, friend and avid supporter. I will guide you through how to develop a course from my experience in both the corporate world and as an online course creator. We will plan your recording schedule and work out what handouts and worksheets you need. All of the additional things like what equipment, platform and how to create beautiful videos are covered. My job is to make it simple and stress-free.

We work together to get to the heart of your message. I spend time getting to know you and the heart and soul of your book. Together we create a beautiful course.

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Your book to course investment is £975

What you get

  • Course discovery session
  • Personal brand strategy
  • Weekly coaching /mentoring sessions 
  • Project management
  • Developmental feedback
  • The right course idea
  • Course outline
  • Session framework
  • Recording plan and timetable
  • Email support
  • The right platform guidance
  • Access to online courses  ($800)
  • Support for up to 6 months
Book coaching

£1995. This can be paid in full or split into no more than 3 monthly payments

What else?

Work in person on your course

Should you want to have in person support to plan, record and put together your course, please discuss it with me. Costs are dependant upon your requirements. Ask for a proposal.

Ad-hoc consultations and Monthly plans

PS: Adhoc consultations are available at £95 per hour and monthly coaching plans from £375 per month.

Are you ready to extend your message?

Turn your knowledge into profit

Having a book is one of THE best statements you can possibly make about your expertise and your knowledge. With a book, you become a leader in your field. Your personal leadership story will change lives.

Turning your book into a course will extend the life of your book and create additional income streams.

You open the door to all kinds of opportunities; potential clients will seek out your expertise, and of course, there is a whole possibility of creating, face to face workshops and coaching based around the principles in your book and your course.

Having a book and courses will build your brand like no other tools.

​Additional costs

Closed caption transcribers, proof reading, video hosting and your equipment


How long does each programme last?

The program has been designed to get your course published 60 and 90 days. Although it  could take longer dependant upon the time you make available. You will get support outside of this period via a Facebook Group and online course. Coaching can be extended as required.

Can I make stage payments

Yes. You will be asked to sign a commitment to pay contract.

Do you help with writing and editing worksheets

Yes I can support you with a variety of services. Let's discuss.

Will you travel to my home to help me?

Yes. We need to discuss logistics and costs. 

What do your online courses cover?

The courses cover planning, writing, edit and blogging your book. Turning your book into a course and personal branding.

Can I create just an course outline with you?

Yes, we can work together to ]develop a course outline. We can do this via ad-hoc consultations or a monthly plan. Let's discuss.

How do I know that my course will sell?

As part of your plan we will do some market research and I am guessing that you will have already done this prior to writing your book.

Also we will look at the best routes to market for you. 

What platforms do you use

I have my courses on Udemy and have recently migrated them to Teachable. Which means that I can share the pros and cons of each. I have also used WordPress pluglins and trialled all kinds of ways to do this effectively.

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All good books start with an idea and come to fruition with a plan.

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