Product creation : Books, blogs, courses and much more


You build a Conscious Personal Brand by sharing your inspirational message through what you create and how you market it.

Turn what you know into books, blogs, online courses, workshops, webinars, retreats, coaching programs and much more.

Turn what you know and your inspirational message into products and services which will build your Conscious Personal brand and make you money

My role as your Personal Brand Strategist is to support you on your  journey to discovering your inspirational message and facilitating the creation of valuable assets; books, blogs, online courses, workshops, webinars, retreats, coaching programs and much more 

Working in collaboration we uncover your inspirational message and I support you to plan, pen and publish your book and turn that into products that demonstrate your expertise.

You may be browsing or looking for something specific. Either way, you were called here. Let's explore where that curiosity may take us.

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Jacqui Malpass

How you can work with me


Jacqui Malpass - Writing coach

Allow me to support you through the process of finding your voice, inspirational message and writing your book , blogging your book and turning your book into a course.


Writers retreat

Come on retreat to kick-start this journey. All retreats are individually designed. Have space, peace, time and support to get your book (dissertation or writing project) written.

Conscious Personal Branding

Conscious Nutrition and Lifestyle

This journey enables you to connect to the inner you. We look at what makes you tick, what brings you alive and how that helps you to design your conscious personal brand. Find out more about Conscious Personal Branding.

Online courses

Take an online writing course

Take a look at my online school. Do you want to turn your book into an online course? Yes, let's chat about how you can do this as you write your book or after it has been published.

Recent client books

Size HH - Eva George

Size HH by Eva George

Motivate Yourself - Andro Donovan

Motivate yourself - Andro Donovan

Breathe better, Sleep better - Anandi

Anandi -

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    NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent these services and potential. There is no guarantee that you will finish your book unless you are prepared to put in the effort. Nor is there any guarantee that you will become a bestseller. Examples of materials on this site are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of outcomes. Becoming a published author or a bestseller is entirely dependent on the person using the coaching, ideas, techniques, methodologies, service and recommendations provided, plus action. 

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