Your book proposal


Crafting your non-fiction book proposal

Your book proposal is your marketing plan, it provides:-

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Helps you to set goals for your writing
  • Understanding of the market & your ideal ‘customer and reader’

Whether you want to self publish, use a hybrid publisher, find yourself a literary agent or publisher, you will gain a lot of value from having a well written book proposal. I can’t get away from the value that a good plan brings. So I would encourage anyone writing a book, whether you plan to keep for yourself, self publish or go to a publisher / literary agent, write a good book proposal.

Getting your book proposal written

  • Email / call me and I can do a one / two hour over Skype coaching session that will really focus your mind and get you moving on writing a brilliant book proposal

There are of course no guarantees that your book proposal will gain you a publisher or editor, that's up to them, it will however, give you a better chance of getting your foot in the door.

Remember when you embark on writing a book proposal, as much as you love writing, it is not designed to be an epic. You want to demonstrate that you know your stuff and that you are the right person to be writing and promoting books like this.

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All good books start with an idea and come to fruition with a plan.

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