Plan, pen and published your book

Turn what you know into a powerful and motivational book, which will build your brand and inspire others


You know that your book needs to be written. You have been on an amazing personal journey, where you have learned about you and life.

It's time for that book to be written and for you to inspire others.

Wondering how to get started on becoming a published author and writing a non-fiction book?
In a mess and wondering how to get your book back on track?

Stop wondering and call me. 

Become one of a few dedicated and motivated people who will work with me 121 to complete their book this year.

We will also explore how to turn you book (one thing) into other products and services (many things).

Book your complimentary call and let's explore

Jacqui Malpass with book

Jacqui Malpass - The Brand Alchemist

Jacqui acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt, Jacqui provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.

Andro Donovan 
Personal Development for CEO's

Plan, pen, publish and promote your non-fiction book

get book ideas

Initial book idea

Together, we’ll identify where you are with your book idea. Why you are writing, what you feel drawn to and how this fits with your dreams, goals and personal brand.

plan your book

 Plan your book

Following your initial consultation, we will plan your book. This will include your outline, chapter framework, ideal reader, content and strategy.

write and edit your book

Write and edit your book

With me by your side, we will collaboratively write and edit the content. 

publish your book


Once the book is written, you will be ready to publish. This could be self-published or you may have a publisher waiting for your final draft.

Throughout this journey, I will hold your hand, become your mentor, coach, project manager, ghostwriter, editor, accountability buddy, friend and avid supporter. Once your planning and writing style is uncovered, we will plan your writing schedule and work out how to write and edit together. All of the additional things like cover design, illustrators, proof and beta readers, how to get your book onto Amazon will be considered. My job is to make it simple and stress-free.

We work together to get to the heart of your message. I spend time getting to know you and the heart and soul of your book. Together we create a beautiful book that will transform you and anyone who reads it.

Not only that we will create a mini course to go with your book, for you to use as part of your sales funnel, and look at structuring your full online course.​ See below.

Book your complimentary call now

Your WYB investment is £2995

What you get

  • Book discovery session
  • Personal brand strategy
  • Weekly coaching /mentoring sessions 
  • Project management
  • Developmental feedback
  • The right book idea
  • Outline
  • Chapter framework
  • Writing plan and timetable
  • Easy ways to get to first draft
  • Editing plan
  • Developmental editing / ghostwriting / collaborative writing
  • Email support
  • Publishing guidance
  • Cover design support
  • Book proposal support
  • Access to online courses
  • On going support via an online group
  • How to create a mini course and full online course
  • Blogging your book
Book coaching

£2995 = 4 payments of £750 

This is a 6 months intensive and comprehensive program

​What else?

​Final in person edit

Book a 3 days final edit in your home country or you can come to Spain. Costs are dependant upon your requirements.

What does this mean?

It means that I will travel to a location close to you when you are ready for the final edit, I will come to you (unless you want to come to Spain) and we will work through your book to get the final manuscript ready for your proofreader or publisher.

​Turn your book into a course

Once your book is with the proof reader (or earlier) we can put together the plan of how to turn your book into a course. This can be in person or via Skype.

We will deconstruct your book and create a learning and content plan ready for you to start recording. Plus consider how you will get your course completed and hosted.

​Ad-hoc consultations and Monthly plans

PS: Adhoc consultations are available at £95 per hour and monthly coaching plans from £375 per month.

​* Extending the time you write your book

Often you are busy and despite the best will in the world 6 months is too tight a timeframe. We can extend that to 7-8 months. Just ask how we can make that work for you.

Are you ready? Is this the year?

I want to make this happen for you!

Having a book is one of THE best statements you can possibly make about your expertise and your knowledge. With a book, you become a leader in your field. Your personal leadership story will change lives.

You open the door to all kinds of opportunities; potential clients will seek out your expertise, and of course, there is a whole possibility of creating online training, face to face workshops and coaching based around the principles in your book.

Having a book will enable you to change career, move into entrepreneurship and build your brand like no other tool.

​Additional costs

Transcribers, proof reading, cover design, interior design, uploading to online book stores, conversion to Kindle, printing and any other external publishing package you choose.

Writers retreat - getting to the retreat, plus any extra days that you stay.


How long does each programme last?

The program has been designed to get you to published author in 90-120. Although in reality some authors take up to a year (and some longer). *The support is for 12 months - 120 days intensive and via Facebook Group and online course thereafter. After which you can work on an hourly or monthly rate. 

Can I make stage payments

Let's chat and work out what works for us both. You will be asked to sign a commitment to pay contract.

Do you help with writing and editing

Yes I do. This is what makes working with me different to other book writing coaches. Your book becomes my book and we work together to bring it to life. Before the start of the contract we discuss the process and how it would work for us. This however is not a full ghostwriting option.

Will you travel to my home to help me?

Yes. We need to discuss logistics.

You can come also to Spain to write. I have 3 adorable dogs and live in a fairly remote area with plenty of walks to clear your mind and give you time to reflect.

Alternatively there are many fabulous places to stay which I can help you to arrange.

What do your online courses cover?

The courses cover planning, writing, edit and blogging your book. Turning your book into and online course and personal branding.

Can I create just an online course with you?

Yes, we can work together to deconstruct your book and develop an online course.

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All good books start with an idea and come to fruition with a plan.

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