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Writing a book


If you have been dreaming of becoming an author and want to write a book for your business, as a legacy or to share your story, you have come to the right place.

My passion as a book coach and fellow writer is to help you to discover the the book inside of you. To help you plan, write, edit, publish and market your book. In essence to make the whole process of becoming an author simple and stress free.

Which stage are you at?


You may have lots of ideas for a book swirling around your head. Finding the one idea is key to getting your book started and a great time to start working with a book coach.


You have started and may be stuck or your enthusiasm is waning and procrastination has become your best friend. You may just be writing the wrong book for now.Working with a book coach will help get you back on track.

Book is written

You’re anywhere from first to final draft, feeling excited and possibly daunted about what next. Formatting, copy-edit, cover design and publishing. A book coach will help you get from ‘book written’ to published.

It’s published

You’ve done it, but the book isn’t selling and you are not maximising the opportunities around your book to build your brand. ¬†Creating your strategic marketing plan will examine what you are doing, what you can be doing and help you to maximise opportunities around your book.

Where are you on your ‘writing a book’ adventure and what help do you need?

Plan your book

Do you have lots of ideas? Work with me so that you WRITE the RIGHT book for you.

Write your book

Get from first draft to final copy, in time for publication.

Publish your book

Simple steps to self publishing digitally (Kindle) or print (CreateSpace).

build your brand with a book

Sell you and your book

Learn how to sell you, your book and your brand.