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Steven Healey and I talk online courses
Last night was chat night with Steven Healey on BeLive.TV. We talked all things 'online courses'. Both Steven and I[...]
6 reasons why you should never write a book
Last night a Facebook thread popped up about why were so many people being encouraged to write a book by[...]
Blogging for small business (presentation and video) Costa Women IWD 2017
Today I attended the Costa Women International Women's Day conference in Marbella and delivered a short presentation about blogging for[...]
Writing inspiration #6 – write like no one is watching
I love that saying 'dance like no one is watching.' It's a philosophy that I carry through to my writing.[...]
Getting connected to your book – craft the book blurb
Writing the back blurb - your book's description has to be one of the hardest things for an author to[...]
Who is your ideal reader, are they head, heart or intuitive?
There are many ways to discover your ideal reader. Let's first consider the two usual routes that we might go[...]
Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book – why are you writing it?
Why are you writing your book? There are many reasons to write a book. It's important that before you start[...]
Getting connected to your non-fiction book. What is your books what?
You've decided to write a book and you are feeling all shy and not sure what to tell anyone about[...]
Getting connected to writing your non-fiction book – step 1
One of the best ways to get connected to writing your book is to try this fun and very simple[...]

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Conscious nutrition and lifestyle

The role of writing in weight loss and better health
It’s that time of year when new diets are launched, and people are committing to their weight loss plans. I[...]
Organ time – the flow of now
When 'stuff' is happening to me, I watch where my energy is, where it seems to ebb and flow and[...]
Five element personality, what type are you?
If you are anything like me, you love personality tests. Over the years, I have done many, some for jobs,[...]
Luscious linseed tea and staying hydrated
Staying hydrated with luscious linseed tea is a great addition to anyone's healthy daily routine. The problem is that often[...]
How to drink water consciously and stay hydrated
When thinking about your health, water plays an essential role. It is vital that you drink water consciously and stay[...]
Gluten free banana bread
This gluten free banana bread is super easy to make and can be amended to suit your diet. So if[...]

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