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10 Powerful Ways Of Knowing That You Are On Your True Life Path
Knowing that the path you are walking is your true life path is a question many people have asked. Where[...]
How to bring juice to your writing – 3 easy steps
Imagine the scene, you get up an hour earlier because you are committed to writing the next chapter of your[...]
How to get over your creative and writers block
As a young girl, I was plagued with self-doubt and for a good reason. I’ll tell you more another day.[...]
Feeling stuck with your book project? Do something, do anything
Saturday evening found me in bed early massaging my tummy. Not the usual thing one might do for a wild[...]
How to write a book in 7 weeks (yes you can)
Books take a long time to write, no matter what anyone promises. Which may seem like a strange way to[...]
Book planning, mindset, procrastination and divine order
What happens when your book planning (or any planning) does not go to plan? You need to get your mindset[...]
Help my book is in a mess!
What can you do when the book you are writing is in a mess? It may be that you haven't[...]
Connecting to your values, your story and writing a book
Often when I think about why I do what I do, I reflect on my values and the things that[...]
Write your book, share your story and change lives
There have been many times that I have heard someone say to me ‘oh yeah, I’ve been told I should[...]

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How to bring juice to your writing – 3 easy steps
Imagine the scene, you get up an hour earlier because you are committed to writing the next chapter of your[...]
Forget blue Monday. Create your colourful week
We’ve already had Friday the 13th and now just a few days later we have blue Monday. Originally conceived by a[...]
The role of writing in weight loss and better health
It’s that time of year when new diets are launched, and people are committing to their weight loss plans. I[...]
Friday the 13th, why is it so lucky?
Friday 13th is considered in Western culture as one of the most unlucky days in the calendar. I don’t know[...]
The best things in life are free
The best things are life are free, but how often do we appreciate them? I was walking the doggies this[...]
Organ time – the flow of now
When 'stuff' is happening to me, I watch where my energy is, where it seems to ebb and flow and[...]

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