Baked Alaska or Apple Tart?

It was while I was lounging in A lounge Heathrow airport that I pondered the veritable merits of owning an Apple Mac.  I Facebooked my friends to ask.  The jury was hung. Those that adored them said go get one NOW and the others said go buy a PC.

The trouble was they were pretty and my inner child wanted to caress one, so I did.  However my inner geek took over as I considered the specifications and price.

Back in my seat directly opposite Mulberry, my inner goddess started to argue about where my credit card pennies should be spent.  Or what about those lovely new shoes?

With just my Blackberry, I started to Google Apple.  Apple UK compared to Apple Canada where I was heading.  Which Mac should I go for?  Should I buy at the airport or wait till I get to Canada. I even tasked a friend to do some research for me.  Sadly too late, I was airborne when the answer came through.

4000 miles and 7 hours is a long time to consider my options, so I didn’t. I watched rubbish films to distract me from my dilemma.

By 4pm that day I was in Ottawa’s Apple store fondling the silver shards of wizardry.  Crowded and hot I dallied for only 10 minutes.  Tiredness overcame me, my brain frazzled asked why would I want to pay that much for a computer that was the same specification as my HP that I’d bought 18 months previously.

Befuddled, dazed and confused I headed back to my hotel and continued my Blackberry search.

For 3 days, I quizzed everyone I met.  What should I do?  They all said buy….

5 days later and I headed home on my HP and I  sussed why the Apple remained in the store and not in my suitcase.

It’s my buying strategy.  I didn’t meet my basic buying methodology……

I cast my mind back to last time I bought a computer.

My strategy goes like this…..  Inner geek wants new shiney toy for no apparent reason.  Neocortex applies logic and quizzes me, I logically arrive at a set of justifiable reasons I must have ‘it’.  Then I attach emotion to the possession.  I can feel what owning this new thing will mean to my life.

Then I go through a whole set of actions which includes reviewing technical specifications from the overall product to components like the processor and graphics card.  Then I read forums and reviews.  I compare manufacturers and suppliers.  Once my extensive tick list has been compiled,  I head out to touch said item and to ask the shop assistant some seemingly innocuous questions.  Satisfied I head home to buy, usually online.

Logic overcame emotion.  Thank goodness…..  Though I could just have a small one for my writing, couldn’t I?

It’s March 2011 and I am still pondering.  My birthday is in December.  Surely I could have one for them.

April 2011 and I now own a Mac Book Pro.  I justified it as my writers tool and absolutely necessary.

July 2012, it’s been a while and Mary Mac is sooooo useful and easy to carry around.  Versatile beyond compare.


Now I want an iPad.

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