Data, information, knowledge and books

Creating a business bookI am guessing many of you in business,  are frustrated by processes and systems, replication and double handling, and of people not communicating and sharing knowledge.

With a background in IT & marketing, I have been around data and information for as long as I can remember.  We implemented systems that captured data in some way and transformed it into information with a variety of reports.  That information was then interpreted by someone and the combination of their knowledge, other information and learnings applied to the business.

For many years I believed that we could exist in a paperless office (possibly a paperless world, ok maybe that’s a step too far).  I sold document management systems, I loved it, them and everything that they delivered.

The same applied to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  Yep, I really am a fan of keeping prospect, customer, supplier and other contact data in a formalised system.  I am like you, I hate inputting the data, but I love finding what I want easily and the reports which tell me where I am, at the touch of a button.

What I didn’t bank on was that some people weren’t ready for the revolution, they wanted to desperately hold onto their piles of paper and useless systems that they believed would keep them employed.

People, it’s always people, I really don’t get it.  Don’t you know that data and information are useless without your knowledge, learning and shared wisdom?  Without your collaboration, your organisational knowledge will be wasted.

It’s only with people that we can create organisational knowledge assets which can be exploited in some way, either for profit, to enhance existing knowledge, protect IP, reduce duplication, share best practise, further learning, improve what you do and how you do it.

In a nutshell, people can help to:-

  1. Transform data, information and knowledge to add value to the processes and operations of the business, to enable growth and innovation
  2. Use knowledge to provide a competitive advantage for the business

There are a bewildering array of knowledge management systems on the market, as a writer my favourite way of sharing knowledge is of course the humble book, be it printed or electronic.

Instead of trying to implement a company wide system that is usually specified and selected by IT, and held up by the users, why not consider a really simple alternative, create your own business book library?  Or do both?

With the advancements in book publishing you can cost effectively self publish your books as hardcopy, print on demand or via one of the many online platforms like Kindle.

Food for thought?  See you in the library!

About data, information, knowledge and books

Data – individual attributes

Information – collection of data, made meaningful and provides answers to “who”, “what”, “where”, and “when” questions

Knowledge – the application of data and information and provides answers  to “how” questions.  The stuff that sits in our subconscious

Understanding and learning – the bit that happens when we begin to appreciate the “why”

Wisdom – what we get after we have evaluated everything.  The vision from which innovation occurs

Contact Jacqui to find out about running a books for business project or journaling and storytelling workshop for your organisation.

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