Reasons to join a book writing club

Reasons why joining a book writing club will keep you on trackbudding author

There are many courses and workshops designed to help you write better, to teach you style and the mechanics of writing.  They are great fun, I love going on writing courses of all kinds, creative, business, storytelling and memoirs.  These courses pull me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to think of new ways to express myself.

There is something about belonging to a group that encourages you to write, that through sharing and feedback enables you to develop your work (and you as a person), provides inspiration, motivation and much needed support.

In addition to courses there are a plethora of excellent books that describe how to, I know, my bookcase is full of how to books.

However the way I like to learn is by doing.  I love to share, brainstorm, bounce ideas, get good critical feedback , be challenged and be held accountable.  If I am honest, I am also competitive, I undertake lots of research and like to get my homework done early.  Girly swot or what?

So why should you consider joining a book club?

Here’s eleven that I have come across:-

  1. You have a vague idea of what your book will be about, feel unable to map it out, start (or continue) writing, decide exactly what it will be about and who it is for
  2. You know what your book will be about and need some support to make it a reality
  3. You have lots of book ideas, you want to decide which one first and actually get it written
  4. You have been toying with a book idea for years, keep procrastinating and want to be held accountable for moving it forward
  5. You have lots of disparate chapters written, there doesn’t seem to be any flow.  You would like some feedback, guidance and a way to pull it into shape
  6. You are happy with your writing style, have ideas, some content and would like help to really define who it is for and how you will use it before you carry on
  7. You have some of your book written, seem to have lost your personality along the way and would like to be part of an inspiring group who will help you to put that back into your writing and book project
  8. You want to test your ideas out with a group of people who will give honest feedback and support
  9. You have a deadline and being part of a group will help you meet it
  10. You want to make you book accessible to a wider audience and want the support of a wide selection of people to ensure that it is better understood
  11. You just want to be a part of a writing group for pleasure or personal development
  12. Insert your reason…

Whatever your reason, the key is that a book club is not about how you write, your grammar or spelling, its about providing a process that you can follow, ideas, inspiration, encouragement, support, motivation, coaching, mentoring, fun and a self published book, all of your own.

Email or call me for an informal chat, I would love to hear about your ideas and book project.

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