Reasons to outsource to a book coach

“Marketing (writing) is not an event, but a process.  It has a beginning, a middle but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause in it. But you never stop it completely”. J Conrad Levinson

One of the steps in succeeding with your writing is keeping at it, never taking your eye off the ball. You can spend time developing the plan, after which you should spend the rest of your time  writing, editing and getting it to publication. Your readers are waiting for you.

A book coach and mentor can:-

  1. Help you to find the sweet spot for your book.
  2. Provide practical ways that enable you to start and carry on writing
  3. Take the writing (and other)  function off your shoulders (if that’s what you want) leaving you to do what you do best
  4. Set up the plan and coach you through the book  process.  A little hand holding can go a long way.
  5. Review your book and business/marketing  strategy and uncover important facts that you may not be aware of – such as what is your best reader profile, which books would be most profitable and which would serve your business best  Its often not what you think.
  6. Review your end to end book processes, remove waste and lean them up.
  7. Develop and implement  process to  ensure that you only write content  that fit you ideal reader  profile.
  8. Develop a simple, working action plan for you to implement.
  9. Help you to build a writers branding toolkit (website, author profile, book blurb, blog)
  10. Help you to develop and plan your new author website.
  11. Interview customers and develop case studies so that you can use these as part of your book.
  12. Review all of your plans to ensure consistency.
  13. Help you to develop and launch  products and services around your book.
  14. Set up and run seminars for you.
  15. Prepare your for networking events..
  16. Act as a conduit to other organisations, like PR, cover design, printing, book marketing and manage this process for you.
  17. Bring a fresh pair of eyes to your book.

Look around your business, what book could help you to sell you, your business and create another revenue stream for you.

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