Sell it in the blurbs

Your head is afloat with ideas, your book is ready to burst, there is so much information that you have to share, but before you start you are asked to condense it into the stuff that goes onto the cover.  You stop for a moment, a rabbit caught in the headlights, it’s like being asked to do your pitch at a networking event, you draw a breath, it catches, your head starts to spin, the fancy facts about your book leave you and your mind scrambles.

When it comes to selling your book, you have just a few seconds to capture someones imagination and those few seconds are vital.

I recently went to a networking event and we were challenged to sell ourselves in 15 seconds.  5 groups of 5 sat together for just 10 minutes, it was the fastest round robin I have ever done, and you know what when we then stood up to say what we did, I really understood what most of the people said.  Try it with a group of fun, like minded business friends.

Another way to find out if your blurb really resonates with who you think your intended readership is, is to write several versions of it and try it out.  Don’t be surprised if you get a few blank looks or even a deluge of questions.  Both are good, both are challenging you to hone your description and really focus. You will be pleased that you did.

Most of us hate criticism,   however, it is in those critical moments, when you really listen to what is being said and reflect that you can really learn.

Thinking of your first or next book….

Describe your book in two or three paragraphs (500 words or less).

What is the title and subtitle?

What is the category under which it would sell?

Thinking about your target audience, what would make them what to read it?

Now rewrite it as if it was the back cover blurb and make it really cry out to your audience and by this imagine there were no boundaries, and let your passion shine.

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