How to get your book written

It sounds so easy to say ‘I am going to write a book’.  Then the reality kicks in and you start to procrastinate and continue to think about it for another year.

Or are you one of those who is fired up by ideas, rushes off to write thousands of words and then just stops from pure creative exhaustion and tired fingers?

I fall into the second category, I have a number of novels perhaps a quarter to half way through, it’s as if as the inspiration hits me I have to get it out… and then wait for it to come back (please if you don’t mind, angel of inspiration).

However, when it comes to writing business books I find it so much easier, I know my writing process and style and it just works for me.

We are all different and for some of us there is time and space to get on with it, others have family and work commitments, others get bored easily and need some variety, whilst others just sit and type every night.

I believe that you have to understand yourself before you can create the perfect writing plan.

So here are a few of my tips to help you get your book written.

  • Organise your life and writing around each other.  Book writing time in your diary.  Stop whatever else you are doing 15 minutes before you are due to start.  Get a cup of tea / wine, remind your near and dear ones that this is me time for the next x minutes or hours, perhaps meditate for 5-10 minutes and then enjoy your time with your precious words.
  • Create a week by week plan.  If you create a monthly plan, you may find that things get in the way.  So keep it shorter and review it each week.
  • Find out what your own work habits are.  If it works for you, stick at it.  I find that if I review how I do any task, I can create a model of how I like to work, when I know that it makes it so much easier.  I learnt how to do this when I was looking at how I bought things; I was fascinated at my buying methodology.
  • Make the plan suit you.

It all sounds very simple, but the most important single piece of advice I can give you, is know yourself.  When you know you, you can work out how you like to work and get things done.

Be grateful for being unique.

PS: Change I am going to write a book to I AM WRITING MY BOOK

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