Finding your voice through the written word

Finding your voice through the written word

So often we are faced with challenges, or at least we think they are challenges, but in reality they are what we contracted to learn before we came to Earth.  If only it were that easy to think of our journey in those terms.  But hey where would the fun be?

The ups and downs, twists and turns are what ultimately make us who we are and in those moments are the most magical of stories.  It’s these stories that others want to hear, and it’s these stories that we most fear sharing.

I believe that everyone can write, you just have to find the way that suits you.  I have a saying, that if you can journal, you can blog; if you can blog you can join them altogether and make a book.

Ok, ok, simplifying it far too much again, but am I?

To write we just need to put pen to paper and let our imagination and mind flow through our fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.  So my first top tip is to just write.  It doesn’t matter what you write when you start, you just need to start.

Where you write is important, I used to write in bed, I lived alone and so that was ok.  Now my partner is not so keen on me sitting there writing and I find his interruptions distracting.  So I now allocate myself writing time that fits into my day and when I want to write in peace I explain that I am off for an hour, so please leave me alone.  Each morning I make time to write my blessings journal.

I have also discovered that every writer is unique; there are some who can bash out a book in 30 days, publish it on day 31 and sit back in the glow of glory from day 32.  I am not like that; I am one of life’s great starters, full of ideas and great spurts of energy, so I take advantage of that.  It means it takes me more time to get a book out, however, in the writing down time; I am able to reflect on what I have written and then come back with another spurt of energy.  I also do set realistic deadlines for first drafts and final publication.  Find a way that suits you, not one that other people say you must stick to.

Working with a structure may help you.  I start each book with a brainstorming session, intuitively work through what each chapter should say and how they flow into each other.  I work out how each chapter will be laid out and write in small chunks – remember I have the attention span of a nat!

Other things I am mindful of is that I am somewhere between a detail person and a big picture person.  Too much detail and I am snoring, not enough for me to fill in the blanks and the book is closed, so it is again understanding that if you are writing for a wider audience that people also, like you have reading preferences, so know your target audience.

And finally, you don’t have to publish if you don’t want, you can just write for you.  Writing is great therapy and is a fabulous way to reflect.

Even if you want to write for just you, you can self-publish privately, the feel of your book in your hands is amazing, you will feel such a sense of pride and achievement.  I really do encourage you to take that step, your confidence will soar.

If you want to discover the book in you, then do please contact me, I run book discovery days where I work intuitively with you to help you find what it is you want to say, how you want to say it and take you through a process so that you have a book structure to go away with and loads of encouragement to write.

A bit about me.  My writing career started in school where I loved to create stories in my head or on paper.  All through my corporate career I wrote in some format, proposals, sales and marketing literature, whitepapers, reports, web copy, blogs.  Later I discovered the joy of creative life writing and journaling and have never looked back.

I have a background in training, sales and marketing and a bit of a techno geek which helps with setting up author’s websites and social media.

During 2009 I became an  ILM (institute of leadership and management) executive coach, an NLP practitioner and was once director of a company who developed a learning styles instrument which means I do have great insight into how I can help you be a better writer.  For good measure I have an MBA.

Most importantly I am highly intuitive, a great listener, full of ideas and can see right to the heart of what you want to say, add to that the years of process banged into me (I knew it would come in handy one day), I am able to design a way of working for you that works.

You can contact Jacqui on 07862 260095, visit

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