Mind mapping for writers

Mind Mapping for writers

When I am stuck for putting structure around something that I simply create a mind map. A mind map is a collection of thoughts around a central idea. It is quick and simple and serves to ignite my imagination. I also use it for creating all kinds of plans, such as client projects, writing books, marketing campaigns, blogs.

Mind Maps came to my attention through the work of Tony Buzan and I was so taken by them I rushed out to buy iMindMap, which is a software tool to help you to mind map. You can get a free trial. There are lots of other products available, I was taken with this one as it came from the Buzan camp.

A mind map is really useful as it allows you to make associations visually. It also helps because you can break large projects down more easily into chunks, which we find easier to digest.

You can come back to your mind map at any time and rearrange ideas and add in more that may have come to you later on.

Drawing a basic mind map

competitive advantage mind map

  1. Start with a central idea
  2. Then create branches out from the central idea
  3. Use colour and images to bring it alive
  4. Use simple, strong words rather than sentences (if you can)
  5. Add ideas to each of the branches
  6. Keep going, don’t stop to think
  7. Connect ideas to each other by drawing lines between them
  8. If the mind map becomes messy, take one of your branches and create a new branch and keep going

What if people

What if people tend to love mind mapping:-

  • Very curious about all sorts of things, which can lead to being easily bored and distracted.  Your insights send you off in different directions.
  • You want the big picture, are very visual and hate details.
  • Keep questioning what you are working on all the time.
  • Need constant change, variety and want to find different ways to do things.
  • Want to do it your way.
  • Visualise the facts, that is, you need to see things before you can make sense of them.


  • Hate to be held to a timetable and have a tendency to be unstructured.
  • Mind mapping works for you, as you need to see pictures of how it will work.
  • You must have options for different ways to tackle projects.

How do you like to plan? Try mind mapping your book or blog idea and see how it feels to work visually and creatively. When you are finished call me to discuss your book or blog project. 07862 260095 / Skype jacquim916

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