How to write a book – ode to writers block

Ode to writers block

It’s a question that I have pondered long and hard

If writers don’t start because they are bored

Or is it more sinister than something like that?

It could be a creature, the droning gnat

Who lives in their heads and chatters a lot

Perhaps it’s the goblin of overwhelm?

Who’s taken hold of their writing realm

Or is it a disease called writers curse

That stops them penning some words and verse

Maybe it’s because they have filled their plates

With too much to do so now they’re in dire straits

My advice, if you are willing to take it

Is get out your pen and write or quit

Pondering the question of writers block

I really have pondered writers block and what stops us getting to where we want to be and when we want to be.  As a coach, naturally I have all of the glib answers, I have exercises we can try, NLP and coaching techniques galore.  Time and again, I come back to –  if you want to write you will find a way.

Stuff does get in the way

I want to share with you some of the things that have potentially stood in my way of my latest book. It shouldn’t have been hard; during July I did lots of planning and created an outline, which for me is the best way to get a book written.

  • Working title
  • Blurb
  • Chapter outline
  • Key headings
  • Keywords
  • Built a website infrastructure to house a course out of the books content, after which I pulled together all of my existing content that I wanted to use
  • Communicate my plans to others and asked for space and peace

Hit pause and wait for August 1st.

August came, but the peace didn’t.  I struggled with people, demands and constant interruptions, to the point that I felt as if I was going out of my mind.

Hit pause, two weeks in and I had actually got to over 38,000 words in a well-structured document.  However, being an over achiever I had wanted this book completed and ready to proofed by then.

Ok, so what, just two weeks behind.

For some that might have been acceptable, but for me, who had set herself, what she had thought were realistic deadlines, this was unacceptable and as the interruptions continued unabated her anger soared higher.

Hit STOP, I simply gave up.  I decided to let the buggers win, they wanted for some reason, which I couldn’t fathom, for me to give them my undivided attention.

My MOTIVATION was now rock bottom and I thought, hey you know what, who cares about my dreams, of getting my non-fiction out of the way. so that I can finish the 3 fiction books which have been hanging around for over 6 years.  I know….. *smiles weakly*

Back inside my head, something was stirring, and I knew that only I could turn this pathetic, yet very real situation around, so I screamed and shouted at the people who interrupted me and I put a sign on my door which said fuck off, I am writing.  You see, none of my coachy techniques or communication training had worked.  I tried, I promise, I had really tried to ask nicely for peace and for tranquility.  Instead I lost it, along with my motivation, gone.

This morning the dog puked on the bed at 2.30 and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Yep, you’ve got it all of this mush was rushing around, refusing to go away.  As I lay there, not one but four silly poems were mentally penned, till in the end, I knew once again, that despite what I was telling myself and how others just didn’t understand my drive for success, it was down to me.

So does writers block exist, do others try to stand in your way?

Hell, yes.

And guess what.

In the end it’s up to you, to sort out your head and tell them to get stuffed, lock your door and don’t come out until you have done what you set out to do.

Today is a new day, yesterday has gone, tomorrow is around the corner, so make today, your best writing day ever.

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