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When it comes to how to write a book, editing is an essential skill to learn. I hate editing as it is so tedious.  However, I do have a process for it.  I suggest that you make a list of how you will work, and tick off each job as you have done it.  For ease, I suggest creating a spreadsheet and dating each item as you do it.

This list that follows acts as an aide memoir, take it and make it your own.


  • Chapter titles.
  • Subheadings. (E.g. Headings 1-5)
  • First lines and introductions.
  • First paragraphs after headings.
  • Blank lines between paragraphs.
  • Spell and grammar check.
  • Headers and footers.
  • Page numbering.
  • Section breaks.
  • Bullets and point numbering are consistent.
  • Chapter templates are consistent.
  • Check chapters start on the right hand side.
  • Read on screen and edit as you read.
  • Print, read, edit, amend – several times.
  • Check tables are formatted the right way.
  • Images are the right quality.
  • Look for blank pages and delete.
  • Edit for
    • Widows and orphans.
    • Full stops, commas.
    • Consistency.
    • General style.
    • Readability.
    • Facts.
  • Check that your exercises work.
  • Check research is cited.
  • Check table of contents for accuracy.
  • Check index is fully populated and accurate.
  • At ‘final’ draft read, create a PDF and read on screen, amend.
  • Create proof book on Createspace or Lulu.
  • (Createspace) – use the reviewer, amend and re upload as required.
  • When proof book arrives, check, layout, titles, headings, spelling, grammar, flow, widows, orphans, in fact – all of your editing tasks.
  • Amend and resubmit, checking your document and the reviewer until you are happy.
  • Print copies for distribution.

Please do let me know what else you do and how you do it.

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  1. There are some authors especially the ones, who are going to publish their book for the first time, do not understand the necessity of book editing and this is definitely a must consider notion to fully understand the importance of this matter.

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