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Book titles that sell

The interesting thing about titles is that if you are going down the traditional publishing route, whatever you call you book may be irrelevant as they can potentially change it, if they think that a better title will make it stand out better.  It is worth taking the time out to give your book a title that will sell.

Remember to think about how people search for things on the internet or on Amazon.  We are simple souls and will use simple search terms.  Use the Google Adwords tool and see what comes up.  It is pointless giving your book a whacky title if no-one searches for it.

Creating titles

Competitor titles

  • Look at the competitors, which titles stand out? Why?  Do these titles reflect the tone of the genre?
  • Make a list of words or emotions that each title conjures up.
  • Now create a list of at least 7 titles.
  • Use a thesaurus and find similar words, how do you feel about these.
  • Leave them for 24 hours and see which still stands out, the following day.
  • Go back to your competitors list, how does yours fit in?
  • If you could only see the spine, would it still speak to you and convey a strong message?

What do others think?

Send your list of potential titles to friends, family, peers and ask them to tell you:-

  • What they think the book would be about
  • How the title makes them feel
  • What images does it conjure up
  • Would they buy it?
  • Who do they know would buy it?

Choosing the title

When you have your list and your feedback, don’t get offended by feedback, its one view.

Put them up on a wall and walk by them every day, ponder them and see which one comes out as the winner.

If all else fails, put them all in a document and come back to it later. At some point you will have to make a decision.

Question to you

  • What is the title of your next book?
  • And what is it about?

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