Writing a book – ways to get to first draft

Ways to get to first draft

Forget introductions, one of the reasons we get stuck writing is that we are trying to work out what our introduction should say.  Write the content and then come back to the introduction.  Guess what? As you write your content, you will invariably change your mind or direction.  Save the introduction for your second draft.

Your outline plan will contain lots of hints, tips and research to jog your memory.  If you get to a section that you can’t write, put some keywords in another colour in, so that you can see where your gaps are and come back to them later.

Keep a log of things that you have to come back to.

Getting to first draft rules

  • Break the rules and just write the way you want, edit when you want.
  • Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation at all at this stage, just get your ideas out.
  • Flow doesn’t always come, so write when you can or move onto an area that does flow.
  • Your first draft is just that, the foundation, giving you the chance in later drafts to really turn it into something great.
  • Turn off the critical voices, what do they know about first drafts anyway?
  • Shoot your inner perfectionist in the head, constant worrying about your first draft will get you no-where.
  • Commit to getting your first draft done by a certain date.
  • Writing is hard work, when the going gets tough, remember your commitment and just get on with it.
  • Think big picture, forget getting bogged down in too much detail.

First drafts suck

When we get to the end of our first draft, elation is usually followed by embarrassment as you read through what you have written.

Get over it and congratulate yourself on coming this far.

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