Why write a book?

What is a non-fiction book

Fiction = a made up book

Non Fiction – based on facts, real life, experiences, people, events, how to’s.

Why write a book?

The last thing I’m going to do, is tell you that having a book is easy, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Probably the same dedication that you put into your life, career or business.  By now there will be a mass of knowledge and skills that you will have accumulated. Your knowledge, skills and passion are what you can pass onto others.

You impart your wisdom every day and it’s something that, if you could capture, would enable you to reach a wider audience.

Imagine if what gives you purpose could be contained in a book.

Just how you got here, probably came with some tough decisions and some equally valuable lessons. If you were able to identify your most critical challenges and how you overcame them, what lessons could you pass onto others so that they could learn from you? Everyone loves books.  People are clamouring for new information to make them healthier, wealthier and wiser.

People want to work with people who they perceive are the experts and who have found their purpose.

The business benefits to you could include a raised profile, more speaking engagements, opportunities to collaborate with others and options for you to productise your book into online courses.

Personal benefits

Also stop for a moment and consider what the personal benefits of writing a book might be.  Not the outright business benefits, but the things that mean something to you.

The benefits of writing books are more personal than you might expect.

  • Writing is very cathartic and soothing.
  • It enables learning as you make your way through data, information and personal knowledge.
  • You can start to see patterns or new knowledge emerging that come through the process of writing and reflecting.
  • New insights emerge that explored will enable you to grow as a person.
  • It is amazing for your confidence when you tell others that you are writing a book or that you are a published author.
  • You meet and network with other like minded people, sharing ideas and building a sense of community and belonging.

Your motivations for writing

Before you continue, stop, consider both the business and personal motivations. What is driving you?

Writing a book can seem like a great idea, but before long unless you are motivated and passionate about what you are writing about, this journey may never get started.

There will be more.  I encourage you to not only think about the business end, but think about the personal impact this will have on you.  If there are any negatives, consider how you might turn them into positives, who can help and what resources do you need?

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