Why do you want to write a book, the five whys?

You want a book because?

Writing a book to support your business is an amazing experience, but often we get stuck with the ‘why’ do we want a book.  The five whys exercise taken from  How to turn your expertise and passion into a non fiction book, asks you to keep clarifying your why, until you get to the WHY.

When we have clarity we can define where we are headed with our writing.   Your values, passion and the purpose of your writing go hand in hand.  Your readers will have expectations. Your role as a writer, is to make sure those expectations are met, while at the same time, fulfilling the purpose of your writing.

Why do you want to write?

Why your book?

Do you feel that your story or business concept has been explored and told a 1000 times?  Think of all of the films you have been to see, so many seem to be similar, yet there is a central idea that is different, that takes us by surprise and has us gripped, right through to those final moments, when THE END comes and we are left sitting staring at a blank screen wanting more.  Unlike a film we can’t add in special effects or thrilling sounds, but we can add the things that make it different, according to you.  When you share something that gives you purpose, it can only serve to inspire others who read it.

Ask yourself, what you want to feel when you read your book? What do you want others to feel? Excitement, passion, the familiarity of sipping tea with an old friend, in tune with the conflict, energised into action.

How on earth, you may ask, can you create a unique book, when so many people have been ill, got divorced, climbed a mountain, been abused, travelled the world, built businesses, are experts in your domain……?

What makes it unique is your take on it, your inner vision and wisdom, the way that you did what you did, how you convey your messages and purpose to the reader.

Researching and collating your information before you get to the BIG write, helps you to find your voice, your unique idea, the one that will get your tribe/audience/ readers /fans turning the pages panting for more.

The five whys

A great way to get deep to the heart of your book is to ask the five whys.  Think of any child who wants to know ‘why is the grass green?’ after every answer they annoyingly ask why? Until you finally say, well it just is!  Ask why and why and why and why and why?

What is your why?

How to turn your expertise and passion into a non fiction bookThis exercise is taken from How to turn your expertise and passion into a non fiction book available on Amazon.



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