How to get ideas for a book

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas are all inside and outside of you, they are everywhere.  The question is really how do ideas come to you and do they just pop into our minds or do ideas come as a result of lots of small things happening which, when a good connection is made creates a new idea pathway, so that a bit more of that idea is known?

How do you get ideas for a book?

Not all ideas are new, some are old ideas with a new spin or new data, information and knowledge added to them.  Ideas are your spin on something, possibly an amalgamation of several other ideas.

The creative process

  • Observation
  • Incubation
  • Inspiration

how to get ideas



Notice and record what is going on around you, dig deep into your memory and keep a journal of what pops p.


After you have recorded your thoughts, leave them, reflect on them, let your mind do what it does best, make connections


After you have reflected, your mind makes connections and creates a spark.  It is this spark that ignites your inspiration.

After that its up to you to make sense of it all.

Sources of ideas

They are staring you in the face.

I was suffering from lack of sleep and I discovered that by changing my diet and researching nutrition and energy medicine that I could bring balance to my life, solve my sleeping issues and gain tons of energy.  This now forms the basis of a book.  What about you?  What is staring you in the face?

How about finding some experts who can add weight to your idea or interviewing other people with the same issues.  Who have you helped with the same problem?

Why your book?

Do you feel that your story or business concept has been explored and told a 1000 times?  Think of all of the films you have been to see, so many seem to be similar, yet there is a central idea that is different, that takes us by surprise and has us gripped, right through to those final moments, when THE END comes and we are left sitting staring at a blank screen wanting more.  Unlike a film we can’t add in special effects or thrilling sounds, but we can add the things that make it different, according to you.  When you share something that gives you purpose, it can only serve to inspire others who read it.

How on earth, you may ask, can you create a unique book, when so many people have been ill, got divorced, climbed a mountain, been abused, traveled the world, built businesses, are experts in your domain……?

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“What makes it unique is your take on it, your inner vision and wisdom, the way that you did what you did, how you convey your messages and purpose to the reader.[/quote]

Researching and collating your information before you get to the BIG write, helps you to find your voice, your unique idea, the one that will get your tribe/audience/ readers /fans turning the pages panting for more.

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