Writers Block

Does writers block exist?

It’s a question that I have pondered long and hard

If writers can’t start because they are bored

Or is it more sinister than something like that?

It could be a creature, the droning gnat

Who lives in their heads and chatters a lot

Perhaps it’s the goblin of overwhelm?

Who’s taken hold of their writing realm

Or is it a disease called writers curse

That stops them penning some words and verse

Maybe it’s because they have filled their plates

With too much too do and they are in dire straits

My advice, if you are willing to take it

Is get out your pen and write or quit

Do you keep thinking about writing a book?

Thinking won’t get your book written.  Working with a book coach, who has proven strategies and processes, will help you to overcome writers block and get your book written and published.

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