The Power Hour

The Power Hour

The Power Hour

The power hour is not a Jacqui Malpass invention, but rather a brilliant technique from my partner in book coaching, Cathy Presland.

Cathy prescribes writing for one hour every morning BEFORE you do anything else, in order to get your book written.  She says that mornings are a powerful time of the day.  Your mind is fresh and it gives you a great sense of achievement to get your writing done before anything else.

My day starts with 10 to 20 minutes of meditation and then I put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.  For me this is a great start to my power hour, it gets me in the zone.  Though I do confess that I have to have a cup of Earl Grey tea first and the temptation for distractions is huge.  However, I am focused on the end goal – I have a book to write.

So as Cathy says ‘thinking is not the same as doing’.

Find the right place for you to write, switch off distractions, balance yourself for 10 minutes and then let your creative juices flow.  Remember to set a timer which is not your phone or computer and one hour later, voila, you can stop knowing you have moved closer towards your book goal.

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