How the Kindle Book Challenge Authors did it

How the Kindle Book Challenge Authors did it

March 19th 2013 will forever stay etched in my mind. It was the night that Cathy Presland and I announced the winners of the 2012 Kindle Book Challenge.

I was getting ready for the I AM WOMAN event, and thinking about the way in which I was preparing for that evenings celebrations.  I was I decided similar to the way in which our wonderful authors approached the task of writing their books and trying to fit it around their busy lives.

As my afternoon progressed, I found myself slotting getting ready around doing final checks for the slides and some book draft read throughs.  At one stage I was sitting with a towel on my head, naked looking at Facebook to see what final comments were being made that I needed to be aware of for later.  I wondered did any of the authors find themselves flitting from the shower, where usually a million ideas come raining in, to quickly update a sentence before it left them?

All of the authors worked in different ways, some starting straight away and knuckling down, some starting and then wavering and some leaving it to the last minute and still hitting their deadlines. They all did it their unique way and in doing so learnt not only about writing a book, but how they cope with learning new skills and how they work best under pressure.

How did the challenge run?

When the challenge kicked off in October 2012, the authors were primed with the challenge details and given some pre challenge homework.

Cathy and I then put together:-

  • Series of two weekly webinars (kicked off on 1st November)
  • Facebook group for team support, collaboration and advice (opened on 18th October)
  • Access to online training book courses
  • PR for the book launch


The journey

What I am learning in this amazing process is how much my thinking on my subject is forcing to be expanded and stretched. I think we forget how the process of writing makes our thinking expands our knowledge and challenges us to consider different ways of thinking about things and end up asking different questions to ourselves and making different connections

Writing certainly does make you consider not only you, but your beliefs about you and your world, it enables you to unconsciously connect all of your resources and discover what it is that you really know and want to share.

Finished editing. Boy oh boy what a lot of work I have to do still. I stopped writing in late 2010 so have much to update. Also to hone the 110 pages I have already written. Found I need more research in some areas as I have glibly mentioned things in passing that require more explanation for the reader….eeek! Found it helpful to keep a note book handy to jot down areas I need to work on so that’s given me a to do list.

Keeping a notebook handy when you are editing is great advice. Remember first drafts are usually rubbish and its in the editing that your work really comes alive.

Whoop whoop I have started my book journey. Got the title and laid out the chapters. Tomorrow I will write chapter one! Tonight I will listen to the calls and finish planning. One rung up the ladder at least!

Getting started is often the hardest part.  Just do it!

Ahhhh … how exciting! So amazing to see your first book on Amazon Kindle Store. Thanks Jacqui Malpass for suggesting getting this out there & Cathy Presland for your help this afternoon!

Yes, it really is an amazing feeling to get your book published and out there.

The bliss of having TIME to write my book when I WANT to write it, rather than having to try and be motivated and inspired during a lunch hour in an open plan office is absolutely wonderful. The only problem I now have is in stepping away from the computer!

Once you get started, carrying on really does become easier.

I have only done 48 pages but I am writing like mad so not given up hope yet. Miracles can happen. I have completed a bio; introduction; acknowledgements; dedication and three chapters. Even if I don’t make the deadline I will finish my book which would not have been possible without; Cheryl BassJacqui MalpassCathy Presland and the I Am Woman network all of which have been acknowledged in my book. Thanks to all of you.

Sometimes you think you will never make.  Hard work and miracles do happen and having that belief with a deadline really drives you forward.

I watched the video on YouTube about loading our books on kindle and it was excellent.

When you get stuck, breathe and then take your time to go back over videos and notes, the answer is usually somewhere close to hand.

My book is now going to be edited and formatted and designed etc. And I don’t have a final title -so please please help me out!

Using external resources for cover design, editing and formatting is a must.  Always give your book a working title as it brings it alive, the ‘real’ title can come later and it is worth asking others what they think. Feedback is good!

I don’t believe it I have not only completed the book ‘An expert in my field’ we now have a cover.

Well I did it ladies I uploaded my book tonight and I am currently being reviewed. Hopefully in 12 hours time my book will be for sale – what a wonderful bunch of ladies who took on the kindle challenge, such an acheivement plus Cathy Presland and Jacqui Malpass who were holding our hands all the way. 4th March

The sense of achievement when you finally finish is incredible. At the start of your book journey, you can’t quite believe that you can and at the end you are ready to start again.

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