The Wise Fool and the Naked Truth

I wonder what today will bring you or I in the next chapter of our lives?

Each new day is a fresh page, waiting to be written. The writer waits in anticipation for the day to unfold to discover how the words and sentences of her daily wonderings shape themselves into meaningful paragraphs and on towards the story of her life.

The truth of our lives is known only to us. Our lives are not open books, we only share what we want you to know.

I believe that there are three kinds of truth, yours, theirs and the naked truth.

Born this day in 1858 Agnes Repplier, an American Essayist tells us that

“There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth.”

What is it about truth that we find so hard to handle, accept or bare (bear)?

In denying our truths we stand to lose some of the joy of what makes this life fun. At 52 I certainly wouldn’t want to stand naked in front of you, I don’t want to stand naked in front of myself! But I have learnt that through writing and baring my soul to myself I have been able pull the flesh off the bones of my truth and lay some of my skeletons to rest.

Do I need to share all of what bought me to this point? Hell no!

I had a dream of writing a novel but I was stuck because I wanted to take some of the ugly truths of my life and weave them into the story and through my words literally murder the people who I believed had interfered in my life.

For over eight years I remained stuck with a story idea, I wrote chapters, but they didn’t fill me with passion, I simply filed them away.

It struck me that this was foolish, why not write a short memoir, get the stuff off my chest, bare my soul and make a space for my novel to flourish.

On April 14th 2013 my naked truth ‘Dancing with Dark Angels’ will be published.

Dancing with Dark AngelsThe irony of this being April Fools day is not lost on me. I am currently proofing it, laughing and crying at the same time. My mum and I have been sharing ‘the stories’ and it has been fascinating to hear my life from her perspective. Poor mum, she said I was difficult, I can tell you I was more than that. How wonderful that we can both reflect back as friends on the old truth and stand naked and reborn united in love for what is now and what is to come.

And I ask you ‘what the hell has what I have done or got to say got to do with anyone else?’

Start your writing, journaling or memoir today on April Fools day, a day when lots of silliness happens, but which is in reality a day for the wise fool to put things into perspective.

Take it from me, getting your truth out and onto paper is liberating.

Look out urban fantasy here I come!

If you want to get your memoir written and published, even if it is only for you, please do connect with me.

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  1. Lovely and insightful! I am looking forward to your book. You hit notes that resonated with me rather strongly at this time – can’t wait to hear more from you!

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