Why writing a book is more than the book

Some of my best business decisions have come from putting pen to paper and just writing what’s on my mind and letting my subconscious roam free. I am a huge fan of writing, from the every day to-do list, journaling your deepest thoughts to writing your own book.

There is a lovely quote by William Faulkner “I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it. “ It is so true.

By organizing your thoughts into a book, you now have the opportunity to examine what you, your business and your brand stand for.

Why writing a book is great for you

writing in a journalWriting is incredibly healing, the very act of writing releases tension and allows your subconscious thoughts to flow and, upon reflection, you begin to see sense, patterns, ways through your problems and onto to solutions, ideas and inspiration.

Writing gives birth to ideas, innovations, opens new decision pathways, enables us to tell our stories, connect to ourselves, our readers (prospects and customers) in a way that goes beyond your website or the boxes of flyers and brochures you have, holding the office door open.

Writing takes you on an adventure, you start your journey quite unaware of the change that you will go through as you learn new skills, experience new ways of expressing yourself, gain clarity and connect to others through your story.

Writing a book builds your confidence and helps you to grow as a person.

What about writing a book for your business?

work team to improve businessConsider this scenario, you are trying to connect and communicate your ideas and brand to a prospect or customer.  You see and hear yourself telling the tale of the customer who, had a problem, which you fixed by and everyone lived happily ever after.  You have a few short minutes to demonstrate innovation, flexibility, customer service levels, credibility, expertise, experience, know how and whatever it is that the prospect or customer needs to hear that reassures them that you are the right partner.

Imagine instead that this prospect had visited your website to pre qualify you and discovered your book. The title and the book cover speak volumes about you and your brand, in that moment. They are now enticed to explore and discover more.

Remember it takes approximately seven seconds to form an impression. Your book gives you instant credibility.  A beautifully crafted book will help you to stand out, captivate your readers, put you miles ahead of your competitors, open up new opportunities for alliances, speaking gigs and the creation of new products and services.

 What about your business strategy?

Freelance marketing manager profitBut before you rush off to pen your bestselling brand building, life changing book, let’s take a reality check.

Writing a book, is part of your overall business strategy, it is not the strategy. When working with my clients the conversation is about the vision for their business and then considering how writing their book will help to bring that alive.

It is a rare author who makes a mint from books alone.  However, if one of your business objectives is to become an after dinner speaker, your book could lead the way to your first engagement.  That speaking opportunity will recoup the cost of writing your book. Even if you are not paid to speak, you can sell your book at your events and take bookings for additional work.

Writing a book is a fusion of life, business and strategy. What is your story and how will you start?

Let’s get started

To help you formalize your book into something that will help you focus your brand, write without thinking the title of your next book. The title answers the critical question of the story you want to tell. It’s in essence part of your strapline. But look deeper, your title says something about what is on your mind and in your heart.

Your book writing questions

  • Why are you writing a book?
  • What is your vision for you, your book and your business?
  • One year on, from writing your book, look back, what have your learnt, where are you and your business?

Is this the year that you become a published author?

I can work with you one to one (call me and we we put a structure together) or I have a number of workshops which are designed to make writing a book easy and stress free.  It’s about building the right structure for you to write your book and enabling you to find the best way for you. The book you walk away with will be the right book for you and your brand. Find out more and book your place here.

If you are really quick I have an early bird ticket offer

10 Replies to “Why writing a book is more than the book”

  1. I agree that writing things down puts you in an organized frame of mind and helps maintain peace in your life. Both my husband and I do it all the time, including shopping lists and dates in the diary.

  2. Jacqui, I just found your blog via the link on a comment you made elsewhere — scrumptious serendipity. You are doing great things here.

    Thank you for pointing out the value in writing books. I’ve found even the smallest scrawl that gets my thoughts visible on the page is helpful. What I can see, I can deal with. It has form and substance, unlike the fleeting wisps swirling in darkness. The more time I spend working with those scrawls, adding them together, fitting, trimming, editing and adjusting, the more I learn and the more control I have to reshape and harness them. Stories are good. Books are best. I have four published books so far, and they would have been worth the effort if only for what I learned in writing them. Fortunately others have also found value in them, so my cake has lots of icing. Write on, one and all!

  3. A book is definitely on my list of things to do, but it seems so overwhelming at the moment. I am letting it simmer away while I gain confidence in my writing and then I shall slay the monster!

    Jacqui, I have nominated you for The Liebster Award! I hope you’re up for the challenge 🙂 Details can be found on my blog through the link below!

    1. Tamsin the more you practise the easier it gets and if you outline it first, reflect a lot it also gets easier. I am trying to write a novel and instead of diving in I am thinking, planning, outlining and letting it come. Good luck and thank you I shall go and tackle the Liebster Award.

  4. I always knew “i had a book in me” but never thought this would be the vehicle. I can see the business profile benefit and strategic alignment to profile. Thank you Jacqui for your insight and support

  5. Writing a book is also on my “to do” list, as others have mentioned. I love this though, because I always thought of the book as something that would take away from business in the terms of the time and effort it would take (and therefore having less time/energy) for the business. But I love how you show the benefits both personally and for the business. It makes me feel more comfortable with taking the time and effort (eventually) to do this.

    1. Maya your blog could be the foundation of your book. Plan out the outline and use that to blog from – it wont take long and you will have loads of content for your book. Ok it will need some shaping, but its more than you had before 🙂

      Looking forward to your first book.

  6. Jacqui I think women finding their voice in business is so very important. Today in fact now Sarah and Ceri who have just started as new employees in I AM WOMAN are really struggling to do their first blog, Them doing this is the strat of their journey in finding their voice through the written word and is a stepping stone to them moving into and stepping up into seeing their work published and who knows where them seeing their work published then gets them – even to writing a book, me hopes!

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