Devilish words to inspire your writing

Devilish words come out to play

When you sit and stare

At a page, blank and bare

Thinking about what you should say?

Do you look towards her upstairs

For inspiration about your life’s affairs

Or phone a friend and beg for help

Only to get words like, whelp and kelp

I have a better way to start today

Use devilish words that lead you astray

Your devilish challenge

Today and for no other reason than I wanted to start the blog with a word beginning with the letter D, I want to challenge your writing and ask you to pick five (or more) of words that begin with D and weave them into a short note.

When you have written your deliciously devilish words post them here for all to see.

Some word ideas:-

  • dandelion
  • dangerous
  • delightful
  • desk
  • defiant
  • dodo
  • drought
  • dungeon
  • diligent
  • dictionary
  • disco
  • discord
  • defy
  • draft
  • dreamy
  • decompose
  • deviant
  • dedication
  • dedicate
  • devil
  • diligent
  • dental
  • dinghy
  • disquiet
  • dictum
  • drunkard
  • drill
  • dungeon

From me to you…

Sitting dreamy at my desk with a diligent devil at my shoulder, my deadline was defying me. In a defiant moment, I threw care to the wind, picked up my dodo and dictionary and went to disco dance with abandon in the dandelions.

11 Replies to “Devilish words to inspire your writing”

  1. I had such fun with this! I tried to get as many D words into a short paragraph as I could LOL

    If you’re dabbling in the dating scene, you’ll no doubt declare at some point that there’s a dismal drought of dashing, dynamic and dependable guys and they are devilishly difficult to discover. You seem to dredge up all sorts of dubious, dreary and dysfunctional dates. But don’t get depressed, discouraged or let yourself get derailed. You can defy the odds and determination will win out. Make like a detective and don’t deviate from your plan. With a bit of diligence you’ll find Mr Dynamite!

  2. I love this challenge! Here is my effort (on the fly as that’s my favorite method).

    As I drift docilely into the dungeon of my writer’s block, I defy the dwellers who might detain me in my diligent search for dreadful prose and deliver a document of dubious worth.

    I look forward to more of these challenges! What fun!

  3. What a Delightful idea! I will Digest the D’s and ponder Deeply on the Deliverance of a D Blog before Delving in to a Delicious Digestive biscuit πŸ™‚

  4. D’oh. Oh dear, I’ve decided to play. Desperate for D words I dangerously go to a dark place of dumbness as I drop in and out of dreamy thoughts about… well dandelions really. Jacqui you devil you! X

  5. Daring and Decadent come to mind quickly when thinking of devilish words!!!! Today, i wrote with a “D” in mind but it wasn’t about Devilish things it was about Deep Desire ~ which some might find devilish πŸ˜‰

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