Emotion at the heart of your story

Today’s blog makes me want to scream and cry. Scream at the Philpotts whose evil, stupid, ill conceived plot which fills the news and cry for the innocent lives lost.

All stories have emotion at their heart.

This story is delivered out of a number of vices – false love, ego, greed, lust and anger.

Lust – drove him to take two (or more) lovers. Did you see this low life bragging about his ‘coup’, two women sharing his bed and fathering 17 children – puke!

Love – two women falling in love with this man and being driven to pander to his driving sexual ambition, because they believed that this is what people in love do and I am sure they wanted to please him and keep that false love – double puke!

Ego – once his status was undermined by the temerity of one of his lovers leaving him, his oversized ego took a bash. People with big egos, think that they are in control and have power over others and in this delusion perform acts which effect and change lives in inconceivable ways.

Greed is what drove this selfish couple.  When the other lover took her children, she took her cash, our cash actually, the benefits that these grasping ignorant humans have been milking the system of for years.

Anger and rage were fuelled when someone dared to challenge his status.

Vices lead to uncontrollable emotion

Emotion fuels revenge

These mentally deranged people who are driven like the drunk seeking one more drink to feed their fever, take steps towards an outcome which will see them feted as heros, where people will rejoice at the safe delivery of their now dead children.  Their hearts concrete, egos throbbing, minds chemically coshed – the means justify the end.

Driven by a range of emotions, these people acted out their evil deeds.

Why this story to illustrate emotion as the heart of a story?

Quote simply when you write, you must write from your heart, you must KNOW what the emotions feel, look, smell and taste like, because then you will be able to find the right words which will connect you to your readers hearts.

As I write this short piece, there is burning in my chest and ears, tears in my eyes and I feel rage, not just outrage, rage. My heart breaks as once again innocent children have been used and abused by stupid grown ups.

Duwayne, John, Jack, Jessie, Jade and Jayden rest in peace.

9 Replies to “Emotion at the heart of your story”

  1. The death of those children is abhorrent beyond words. RIP little ones.

    This is the second blog I have read this morning where writing a book is discussed. And I’ve only read 2. Maybe it is time to focus on getting mine started!.

    1. Janice, just start it is immensely cathartic. I am just editing mine, I wanted to write a novel and my personal stuff got in the way, now it’s been put to bed. My mum and I have shared these stories and as friends it has bought us closer (if that is possible). Good luck. Jx

  2. Very evocative use of storytelling to illustrate your point. It gives a richer, deeper understanding to what emotion is in a story and how easily we can get swept up in it.

  3. This is so true, Jacqui. Recently, in my own town, a young girl was abducted and murdered just a few miles from my house, and it burned inside me so intensely as the mother of a daughter and as a resident of this town. Good to remember that we can turn these horrific events into something more productive.

  4. It’s a terrible situation. Those emotions are right on. How could people behave that way? The man treated the children as comodities. Money making machines. What has got into society?

  5. It is unbelievable what people will do – yet understanding their emotions and motives are the key to writing that works. Even if you write about something happy, knowing the depths of human emotion gives depth to the work.

    Great article.

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