Stop writing your book


When the words don’t flow and you feel stuck with your writing, just stop. Stop, breathe and let go. Once you have space reflect on your words, think about what you have written, why you have said what you have and ask how connected you feel to it?

Sometimes I get into overwhelm, simply because I am the kind of writer who loves change and difference. Because of this I have multiple projects on the go.

I like my multiple projects, until the point I have to choose one to complete and put all of my energy into bringing it to life.

Currently I have three non-fiction books to edit. For a while, I tormented myself about which was the ONE to bring to life first and ended up going around in circles. Waking in the early morning with a certainty, only to change my mind on my daily walk did drive me a little crackers.

You would think that as a coach I would be able to talk some sense into myself…  Well think again! Physician heal thyself comes to mind.

In reality it is not all that bad and I have chosen the ONE to complete first and I do know which one next and which one after that.

It’s the commitment that I ask of my writers that I now apply to me. In truth, I amuse myself with my antics, but at the same time it gives me a greater understanding of what my clients go through as they write and edit their books. I think that this makes me a better coach, mentor and supporter.

Only yesterday, I found myself laughing with someone who I hope does write a book. He was describing himself and his approach to life and work. It was as if I was talking to my twin. Having that conversation not only alerts me to his potential challenges, it re awakens me to mine and allows me space to breathe. We are all different and we will approach our projects differently. It’s understanding that not one size fits all, that gives us the greatest opportunity to produce our finest work in the way that suits us.

I have immense resources, which I call on as I need to. It is my awareness of my ways of working that enables me to find a process that works for me.

Part of that process is to just stop.

When you find your book project just a bit too much, simply put it to one side and reflect. When you come back to it, print it all out and read through, does it still flow, does it say what you want it to say, has it got your voice? Get out your coloured pens and play with it. Go back through your outlining exercises again and then put it back together again.

If you are stuck with your book project, no matter where you are with it, stop, please call me and let’s get you back on track.

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