Becoming a published author, print, Kindle or both?

Becoming a published author, print, Kindle or both?

If fear of rejection is holding you back from writing a book, digital platforms like Amazons CreateSpace and Kindle Digital Publishing could be just what you are looking for.

The world of publishing is changing, years ago if you wanted to publish you would have to find a publisher to help you through the process, these days we control our content. With Kindle and other e-book readers, your readers (customers) can access your books simply and easily, no more waiting for the postman – just click and buy.

Kindle, other e-book platforms and print on demand has revolutionised the world of publishing, enabling hundreds of thousands of people to realise their dreams and be in control of their publishing future.

Before rushing off to write your next best seller ask yourself:-

  • why you want to write?
  • why you might want to become a published author?
  • what you might write about?
  • what would your ideal reader want to read about?
  • what will you do with this book, once published?

This means taking some time to brainstorm and waiting for those light bulb moments to come you, it is in the reflection that you will get some answers. Do some research and look at what you think your competitors have written and read some of their work.

To get a feel of what it’s like to write for Kindle buy a Kindle book from a quality author. I say quality because there is a lot of rubbish out there and it’s really worth spending some time and money comparing print to Kindle and finding out what its like to be a Kindle author. The good news is that you don’t even have to own a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app and get started straight away. Try Kindle singles to get yourself started.

The way we consume books has changed. We scan content quickly, and expect it to be shorter.

That means for first time writers getting to 20,000 or 30,000 words is a lot easier than getting to 50,000 or 70,000 for your first print book. Most writers could manage 1000 words a day – just think in 30 days your first draft could be written. And if that seems to big and hairy for you, write 30 blogs and turn them into a book.

Never be disheartened by your first draft. First drafts suck. The magic comes in the editing. Giving yourself around 90 to 120 days to write and publish a non fiction book is feasible and guess what, if you upload it and then suddenly discover that you have a few spelling mistakes it takes approximately 24 hours for your new version go live. How easy is that?

If you are still not convinced about Kindle, think royalties. A print book is much more expensive to produce on a print on demand platform like CreateSpace, than a Kindle book and because of this you make more money on Kindle. For Kindle books you typically get 70% commission on the sale of your book, whereas print is about 30% or just a few pennies. You can go to a private printer as well and mass produce your print books for events and this is incredibly cost effective.

The benefits of Kindle convinced twelve women to take part in the I AM WOMAN Kindle Book Challenge. We started in October 2012 getting the ideas out and structuring outlines, after which they wrote, edited and formatted their way to 20000 words.  All twelve published on March 8th – International Womens day.

Several of the women are now writing their second book, two of them are getting speaker opportunities, while others are running new workshops and two of them have now turned them into print books to sell or give away.

Will our ladies become millionaires selling their Kindle or print books? I’d say unlikely although people have and this is where you have to remember that building your personal brand and marketing you and your book is paramount. The authors have reported back that they are seen differently and are getting more of the opportunities that they wanted.


  • Easier to get to 20,000 words
  • Mistakes can be quickly rectified, 24 hours or less
  • You can become a published author in 120 days or less
  • Being a published author gives you credibility and authority like nothing else
  • Once you have a Kindle book, converting it to print is really simple
  • Kindle books give you 70% profit

What about print?

Once you have written your Kindle book, I would definitely produce a print version. With just a little more formatting this could be done in less than a week. Your cover will need to extend around to the back cover, but that is really easy on CreateSpace and I am guessing you would have asked your cover designer for both at the time of commissioning them.

Despite the extra cost and effort, there is nothing quite like holding your book in your hands.

Getting started

To get started think about what you are passionate about and how you can turn that into opportunities for you to speak and run more workshops, know your outcome.

Set aside time to plan and outline your book and then get writing. Write and self edit to final draft, then outsource the proofing, editing, formatting and cover design. Upload to Kindles digital platform and market.

You can create a Kindle or print book on pretty much any topic from personal memoir, self improvement, self help, fiction as long as it is original, you can do it. Kindle and print on demand is exciting because it isn’t limited, use your imagination and you will become a published author. And finally remember it’s about quality not quantity. If you wouldn’t want to read it why would anyone else? Put in the time and effort and you will be rewarded.

Kick-start your book project

Kick start your book project in 5 days and get a how to get ideas for your book report sign up here. There is also a special offer for readers on Instant Author. How To Turn What You Know Into A Book.

Work with me one to one, online or face to face. A book discovery day will set you up for writing, I make it easy and stress free. Call or email to discuss your next book project.

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  1. I am using the blog challenge this month to create the core for a second book so this is very timely – i just need to really figure out how to get people buying the first one:-) -Really appreciate your arcticle Thank you

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